Our New Chief Diversity Officer

Posted: Jun 27, 2014 12:01 AM

Gary Miller must really be angry about getting run off as chancellor of UNC-Wilmington. On his way out the door, he's left us with more bad news. Apparently, five diversity offices and a small army of administrators to manage them just isn't enough diversity spending. So we are adding a new Chief Diversity Officer to head the main Office of Diversity and Inclusion - one who will also sit on the white chancellor's cabinet and shield him from accusations of racism in exchange for a six-digit salary that will drive up tuition and consequently reduce black enrollment.

The advertisement for Position # 1141 reads as follows:

"The University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) invites nominations and applications for the position of Chief Diversity Officer. This position requires the knowledge and ability to cultivate a vision, strategy and organizational structure to enable achievement of the campus’ strategic diversity efforts. The university believes that diversity, civility, and community are core campus values of a sense of place that enhances the academic environment and supports a robust educational experience for its students ..."

Let's stop for a second and review what we have thus far. Those three core values are vague and in need of some elaboration. Let's define them in order below:

1. Diversity is racial discrimination. The new CDO will he hired to ensure that racial discrimination is injected into as many of our personnel decisions as possible. Total success will mean that race was a factor in 100% of our employment decisions with character taking a back seat to skin color.

2. Civility is censorship. This just means that we will expand the prosecutorial powers associated with the Seahawk Respect Compact, which is used to quash criticism of university policies and to chill conservative speech in every classroom and administrative office.

3. Community is recruitment of like-minded individuals. It also means that we will continue to segregate our campus with "centers" for people of different races. We will also continue the practice of having separate graduation ceremonies for gays and separate meetings for black faculty and staff. It is unclear whether building "community" will entail bringing back separate white and colored restrooms and water fountains.

The job advertisement continues saying "The Chief Diversity Officer will work to promote an environment that appreciates individual difference, values equal opportunity for all, and serves to eliminate barriers based on factors such as race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability, or veteran status."

Let's stop again for another clarification. Whenever there is a new position announcement we must look for something new in the job description. Here, we really do have something new. Sexual orientation and gender identity are for the first time listed separately. This means that UNCW's new CDO will either be commissioning the construction of transgendered restrooms or the university will simply be getting rid of the male and female signs and allowing equal access to all campus restrooms. Pretty soon, males won't need to get a sex change in order to use the ladies' restroom. Remember, that you heard it here first.

The ad continues saying "Duties include identifying, promoting and executing best practices for the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty and staff; working with academic and non-academic units to increase the enrollment and retention of diverse undergraduate, graduate and professional students; establishing systems of accountability throughout the university, advising campus leaders regarding communication strategies related to values of diversity and inclusion and engaging in a very high level of community engagement."

That paragraph just means that UNCW is going to intensify its already Herculean efforts to engage in racial discrimination in all aspects of university decision-making. In other words, UNCW may already be racist but you haven't seen anything yet!

Other listed job qualifications include "Demonstrated experience with and knowledge and advocacy of diversity issues such as Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity, LGBT issues, and inclusion, particularly in higher education or similarly complex organizational structures."

That paragraph just means that all applicants have to be Democrats who support affirmative action and same-sex “marriage.” There’s nothing new here.

Another listed qualification is "Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain positive professional and interpersonal relationships with diverse population groups."

That paragraph simply means "Yeah, we already know we're going to hire a black guy. And even though our new CDO will subconsciously think that minority equals black, he really needs to pretend like he is enthusiastic about sexual minority groups including gays, lesbians and transgendered individuals." Coalitions are important in campus politics (as they are in all extreme political movements).

The ad continues by saying that UNCW seeks "Demonstrated involvement in national associations and conferences related to the promotion of diversity and inclusivity related issues through attendance and participation."

In other words, the university has an unlimited budget to spend on attending national conferences where administrators stay at expensive hotels and eat at overpriced restaurants. The CDO must have experience spending taxpayer money on things the average taxpayer cannot afford.

The ad also seeks applicants with "Broad experience in encouraging mutual respect, inclusivity and enlightenment." That means the applicant must be willing to force non-conformists into mandatory sensitivity training for disagreeing with the radical political beliefs of the CDO.

The university also wants applicants to have an "Ability to communicate effectively, to both internal and external audiences, to represent the university's need for, and commitment to, a diverse student, faculty and staff population."

This simply means that the CFO must be black and willing to be visibly black in public. Obviously black candidates are preferred over light-skinned ones that might communicate ambiguity on the issue of racial favoritism.

The ad concludes by saying "UNC Wilmington actively fosters a diverse and inclusive working and learning environment and is an equal-opportunity employer. Qualified men and women from all racial, ethnic or other minority groups are strongly encouraged to apply."

That final paragraph translates roughly as follows: "If you are white, don't bother applying unless you are a lesbian ... Or seriously considering a sex change."

It is worth noting that this new position was recommended by a diversity task force that failed to include a single white male. But that wasn't a result of active racial discrimination. UNCW prefers the term "equal opportunity."