My Idea and Your Consequence

Posted: Jun 24, 2009 12:01 AM
My Idea and Your Consequence

Ideas have consequences. That is why it is sometimes difficult to understand how bad ideas can survive, and even thrive, in certain environments. One really bad idea that is thriving in higher education is the so-called trans-gendered rights movement. It is thriving not because of the work of trans-gendered persons but because of feminists who are willing to use them to advance their own ideas about gender and equality.

Feminists have been increasingly enamored with the idea that there are no innate differences between men and women. In recent years, they have been arguing with greater and greater frequency that all male/female differences come from the “culture” or that they are “socially constructed.” In his latest book, One Party Classroom, the always brilliant David Horowitz shows just how prevalent this very stupid idea is – at least in higher education.

The idea that culture is responsible for all male/female differences is appealing to feminists. They like it because it suggests that all such differences are the result of discrimination and oppression. It, therefore, stands to reason – to the extent that feminists actually “reason” – that these differences can be eradicated by simply changing society.

Of course, when feminists speak of changing society the desired change usually consists of the implementation of socialist policies. And, for the Marxist, creating equality is achieved not by raising oneself up to the level of others but by pulling others down – through the use of force and without the consent of the “others.” In that sense, most feminists are in favor of economic rape as a means of achieving power.

The fact that feminists have few children helps facilitate their silly views concerning the “social construction” of male/female differences. Of the six most radical feminists in my department, one has no children and the other five have only one child each. Therefore, none of the six has ever had the experience of raising both a boy and a girl. No one who has raised both a boy and a girl could pretend to hold such ridiculous views concerning the influence of “society” on male/female differences.

Nonetheless, those who are most opposed to marriages and families are the ones most likely to teach “Marriage and the Family” on our college campuses. And, unfortunately, most of those teachers are sociologists with a limited understanding of biology and a limitless desire to promote their radical political views in the classroom. These people are either ignorant of the evidence concerning male/female differences or they simply view the evidence as irrelevant.

And that is why the so-called trans-gendered persons are so beneficial to them. They appear on university-sponsored panels to explain how they feel like a man on some days and feel like a woman on others. They dress like members of the opposite sex. They even try to trump male/female differences by having sex changes. All of this is done with the full support of the feminist “scholars” who want to mask innate male/female differences for their own political purposes.

Of course, the majority of the people in the university community are annoyed by this – even if they are afraid to express their annoyance. The feminists push for “trans-gendered” or “questioning” restrooms. Where funds are not available they argue that the trans-gendered should be able to use the men’s or women’s restroom depending on their mood.

Many parents are understandably offended by the idea that a man dressed like a woman – surgically altered or not – would be allowed to go to the same bathroom as their little girl. They rightly see the trans-gendered as suffering from mental illness. But their reasonable objections are now dubbed “trans-phobia” by universities that have turned morality on its head.

But those who are normal are not the real victims, here. The real victims are the sexual deviants who are being used by the feminists instead of being given psychiatric treatment. They are brought before university panels to discuss issues regarding trans-gendered rights. The students who are forced to attend or who are lured by the promise of extra credit often laugh at the spectacle. The trans-gendered are paraded out like a traveling circus. It is all terribly demeaning to anyone with a conscience.

Some years ago a group called the Gender Mutiny Collective complained about some of my public comments about the trans-gendered. By the way, the Gender Mutiny Collective is an anarchist group that supports the use of violence to achieve equality for trans-gendered persons. Some of its members are also admitted pedophiles. In the past, one of their recruitment manuals read “I don’t trust a boy unless he knows how to suck [expletive deleted].” That statement was made by the then-president of the Gender Mutiny Collective.

Sadly, when the violent, anarchist, pedophile-friendly organization complained about me to the UNC-Wilmington administration they received full support. And it was a radical feminist administrator who sided with them. Apparently, I was the subject of an investigation to determine whether I suffer from “trans-phobia.” But there was no effort to cure those in the Gender Mutiny Collective who support violence and who like to receive oral sex from children.

Feminists applaud, rather than treat, trans-genders who go to the extreme of permanently mutilating their genitals. And they do so in the name of gender equality. It’s almost as bad as applauding the dismemberment of children in the name of sexual liberation.