Mayor Bloomberg, Read History

Posted: Jan 15, 2012 12:01 AM

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City has been an enigma to every freedom-loving American patriot. Using this unprecedented American freedom, he built a large empire and then used his vast wealth to get elected and then re-elected as mayor of America’s financial capital—New York City. So far, so good! After all, this is part of the American dream…right?

Yet his behavior, bias, and glaring prejudice in the past few years has raised eyebrows in some circles and made others downright angry.

Mayor Bloomberg whole-heartedly supported the Cordoba Center. This Islamic indoctrination and propaganda center is to be built at the hallowed ground where Muslims killed nearly 3,000 innocent Americans on September 11, 2001.

However, he supports the ban of peace-loving Christian churches who are renting public schools for worship on the weekends—when the schools are unused.  The Board of Education has said this “will protect the minds of impressionable youth” (see “Disorderly Prayers”, World Magazine, January 12th).  

On Thursday, January 5, Mayor Bloomberg’s police arrested pastors and Christians who were peacefully singing and praying outside of the New York City Law Department, protesting the city’s decision to toss them out of school buildings they have been meeting in for years. These are congregations in poorer neighborhoods who cannot afford expensive buildings in New York City.

Among those arrested by Mayor Bloomberg’s police were a New York City Councilman and pastor Fernando Cabrera, Pastor Bill Devlin, and five others on charges of “criminal trespassing.”

Then, on Thursday, January 12th, 200 hundred people gathered in the rain outside a Bronx public school where Mayor Bloomberg gave his State of the City address. After this speech, another 43 pastors and Christians were arrested on charges of “disorderly conduct” for kneeling to pray and singing songs.

It is baffling to so many of us who love America that the mayor if its financial capital would be so pro-Islamic and yet would not come to the aid of Christian Americans living in his city.

Some time ago I published an article entitled Islamophilia”In it, I explain the blind spot secular media and politicians have as they fall all over themselves to accommodate Islamic extremism while persecuting and mocking peaceful Christians in a Christian nation. This can only lead to the demise of Western civilization as we know it.

I, for one, often wonder if these folks have ever read the history of Islamic expansionism. If so, are they so blind or so arrogant or both to think that this type of history will not repeat itself and our destruction from within could not be far off?

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