The Top Four Liberal Reactions to Ferguson Grand Jury

Posted: Nov 25, 2014 1:30 AM

The self-righteous indignation of liberals was on full display last night, as the Grand Jury announced their decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson over the death of Michael Brown. Strangely absent was a sense of concern over the violence, destruction, and social devolution that erupted in St Louis. Instead, as expected, there was a profoundly misplaced anger over the decision of a Grand Jury that was presented with facts, eyewitness accounts, and forensic evidence.

1 – Ezra Klein

Ezra Klein is an idiot. But, don’t take my word for it. (I mean heck, John Ransom and I explain it every week on Ransom Notes Radio, but we won’t go through all of that here.) Sometimes, when he speaks, people around him are visibly concerned that his idiocy may be contagious

Um… I guess that would have been the prosecutor. Are you aware of this new thing the kids are using called “Google”?

2 – Christopher Hayes

Chris put his journalistic skills on full display with this stunning insight on Twitter:

Really? Because I’m pretty sure that a “Grand Jury” is actually a thing. And for those of you unable to contact Google for an explanation (ahem*EzraKlein*ahem) here’s a link.

3 – Harold Itzkowitz

I’ll be honest… I had to look this guy up. But he still made my list:

Well, no. Committing a strong-armed robbery is not, by itself, justification for a death penalty. But premature death is certainly a distinct possibility for anyone attempting to attack and disarm a police officer.

So, to answer your question: I guess it depends on how you react when a cop tries to talk to you about jaywalking. (Hint: Don’t reach for his gun.)

4 – Geraldo Rivera

I really hate saying nice things about Geraldo. But, I guess it has to happen on occasion:

Geraldo manages to point out the obvious (a demonstrably difficult task for leftists in times of crisis), by calling the riotous protestors insurgents “creeps”. But it’s his call for body cameras on cops that should really draw the applause.

Advocates of law enforcement, as well as skeptics of authority, seem to have a rare opportunity to agree on something: A few more body cams would probably go a long way in reducing (or at least exposing) police abuse. And, as an added bonus, it would also protect police from false allegations of misconduct.

Michael Brown’s death is a tragedy; but not simply because a police officer made the split second decision to defend his own life with lethal force. The real tragedy seems to be overlooked by these self-righteous peddlers of racial animosity, as it is replayed throughout the nation (without MSNBC coverage, riots, protests, or the Reverend Al Sharpton’s inadequate command of the English language).

Sadly, the abandonment of the African American community – by the very Democrats, progressives, and liberals who currently act so outraged over the shooting of a violent criminal – is the larger injustice playing out in Modern America. Are we expecting any Liberal outrage over the shootings in Chicago? Where is Ezra Klein’s ill-informed quip about gang violence in Los Angeles? Is anyone covering the routine violence that occurs in the suburbs of Detroit?

Or are those examples of a suffering minority community simply not “sexy” enough for the American Left to notice?