Dems Bribe Women with Dollars and Drugs

Posted: Apr 09, 2014 12:05 AM
Dems Bribe Women with Dollars and Drugs

The newest contrived controversy, concocted by politically desperate progressives, appears to be the issue of women’s pay. Conveniently ignoring the fact that Obamanomics have disproportionately impacted women (as well as minorities and low income families), the White House and Senate Democrats are on the march to reinvent themselves as members of the suffrage movement. Jay Carney even went so far as to say that Republicans are objecting to “Equal Pay” with the same arguments they used against Civil Rights legislation in the 20th Century.

Of course, Jay probably needs to read an actual history book (preferably one that is not Common Core approved). Republicans were the champions of Civil Rights (and Women’s Suffrage) throughout the 20th Century. It was the Democrat Party that fought against civil right legislation in the 40’s and 50’s. (JFK did eventually sign a civil rights bill that was pushed through Congress by Republicans, and conservative Democrats… But, kinda like John Kerry, he was against it before he was for it.) I guess, however, that history can always be re-written for the sake of Democrat PR initiatives. Right?

Deciding that bribing women with free birth control could only take them so far (after all, there are a limited number of Sandra Flukes out there), progressives have decided to force companies to inflate women’s wages… This tactic has been adopted, most likely, because simply creating jobs has proven too difficult for a community organizer from Chicago.

The simple fact that Democrat Senators pay their female aides (on average) $5,500 less per year than their male counter parts – or that the White House pays its female employees 88 cents on the dollar compared to male staffers – should be enough proof that the initiative is pure politics.

Of course, there is a reason that females in the DNC are victims of the “gender gap”… According to Jay Carney (not a woman) men make more at the White House because they tend to have different roles than women. In fact, he even explained that such “average wage” comparisons are useless because they don’t take into account all the other variables that impact pay… Basically, Team Obama’s official Press Jester sounded an awful lot like a CEO testifying against some loony Democrat bill that would force women’s wages to be artificially hiked.

Oh, and Senate Democrats also have a reason for not paying women as much: Not a single leading Democrat Senator on this issue has a female leading their staff. Heck, it’s starting to look like Liberals are suggesting that we fine companies for having HR policies that resemble those of Democrat leaders.

Even the mainstream media seems to have some trouble swallowing the DNC approved “war on market-driven wages” coming from the Senate and White House. CNN found the White House pay disparity to be woefully distasteful. Reuters even challenged the White House Press Puppeteer (Carney) on the President’s “equal-pay” statistics – pointing out that many economists have taken issue with the Organizer-in-Chief’s figures.

But when selling the average female voter on Democrat-sponsored paternal-government, facts and accuracy don’t really matter. After all, even Jay Carney seems to understand that there are a multitude of reasons that women might appear to make less money.

Equal pay, for equal work, is a very cute slogan. However, like most of the progressive sales pitch, it appears to be built on bumper sticker sentiments, and feigned outrage, rather than a genuine concern for equality and fairness. Compelling businesses to abide by some utopian standard (that even legislators seem incapable of adhering to) in the quest for buying a few more votes, is no way to run a nation.

If Democrats are truly concerned about the “gender gap” in America, maybe they should start with their own staff. When DC’s Liberal elites start living what they preach, at least they’ll have the illusion of credibility when they peddle their political bribery to the American voter.