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They say they are all Reaganites and that they want my father to return -- my father, who lived by his so-called 11th Commandment that no Republican should speak ill of another Republican.

What makes them think he would want to return to any party whose members use hatchets on their fellow Republicans? And do it in public? Ronald Reagan didn't pick up his toys and go home like a spoiled brat when things didn't go his way, even after a hard-fought loss in 1976. He supported the winning candidate as he would support today's nominee, no matter who might be chosen.

He understood that Republicans can always win when they are united. They have a message the voters understand and support. We can beat Barack Hussein Obama and his socialist message if we are unified, but if we are divided and broadcasting a confusing message -- which is what Obama craves -- it will help him win another four years in the White House.

He'll get it, and America will suffer if Republicans spend their time attacking each other. Republicans must understand that the American people are tired of all the intraparty bickering. They want a party that offers solutions, not cat fights.

The don't need a conservative voice such as that of Michael Savage, attacking a top conservative such as Newt Gingrich by offering him $1 million to bow out of the race. Or conservative hero Glenn Beck publicly announcing he'll back a third-party candidate such as Ron Paul if Newt is the GOP candidate. That's called political suicide.

Like it or not, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is the overwhelming favorite among Republican voters, and among many Democrat voters as well. They like the cut of his jib. He leaves no doubt where he stands on the issues, and he'll fight like the dickens to defend his stands.

Sure, in the past he's done a lot of stupid things, But just who hasn't? He willingly admits he's often been wrong. At the moment, however, he's right as rain.

The GOP establishment doesn't like Newt. He's too outspoken. They like wishy-washy candidates. Their problem is that the majority of Republicans in the real world prefer candidates who hold strong convictions and speak out forcefully and clearly. Every time the GOP picks a candidate with weak Republican convictions, the Republican party loses. And lose they should. A party that will not defend its principles doesn't deserve to win.

If Republicans turn their guns on Newt instead of on Obama, Obama will be our president for another four years. Is that what they want?

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