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Socialism Is Sick, Not Sexy

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(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Our nation is on life support and needs your help. Don’t make the mistake of thinking complaining about a problem is the same as seeking to solve it. It may feel good to express angst, but if that’s all we do, our downward spiral will continue. America as we knew it will be over once and for all if people who love our Constitution do nothing more than complain about what's happening. And what, exactly, is happening? Our nation is at war, and most of us are merely complaining. A growing number of Americans see socialism as sexy – because they are too uneducated to understand what it really is. Ignorance is not bliss, it has become the blight of our generation. It’s time we stop mistaking mere complaints as a noble attempt to resist the resistance to American democracy. 


If we continue to ignore our freedoms, they will go away. This is precisely what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the radical wing of the Democratic Party crave. They will succeed – if we let them. We mustn’t. 

Our republic is ruled by a Constitution that matters as much now as it did when it was conceived – but do we believe this enough to stand and deliver while it is being mocked, mangled, and murdered?

There is no perfect form of government on earth, but our Constitution set us on a course to perpetually pursue "a more perfect union” more than any other on the planet. Let's continue the pursuit while coloring within the lines drawn by our Constitution and the sketch of a democratic republic it protects.

Socialism is nothing more than an attempt to make the government the new God, where we bow down to a set of socialist leaders who determine what is and is not moral, what our priorities are, and that there will be hell to pay if we don't obey. The socialist believes that the human heart is more pristine in his or her chest than that of a capitalist. Nonsense. Socialism is the failed experiment to embrace all the benefits of the Benevolent without the benevolence. 

In the name of "compassion," "equality," and "fairness," the socialist insists that capitalism and capitalists are evil – when the truth is that both the socialist and capitalist have the same core problem – selfishness. The socialist pretends there is no elephant standing in the very room where they make their case – and the elephant is that there is not one socialist nation in history that can be paraded as the paradise they promote. Socialism in theory is a glorious thing – but only in the minds of the naïve. 


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the communists within her party (let's stop using the words "socialist" and "socialism" and call them what they are), simply want to change who is in control. Communists have always had a problem with control, and they always will. That's why they want all of it. Communists rail against the 1% while seeking to become it. They did it before the Russian revolution (and every communist revolution) and they are doing it again, in America. The 1% in control are always evil when they are someone else, but they magically become beautiful when they morph into the communists. It's time to radically reject the idiocy of communist ideology.

A communist revolution is underway in America, disguised by the use of the word "socialism," in the name of "fairness." It threatens to do more to unravel the fabric of democracy than we can comprehend – because we have become a nation so unfamiliar with history that we are now poised to repeat it. It’s time to fight with fervor against communism as if your life depends upon it. It does. 

Now is the time for all who love the Constitution – for all who understand that socialism is sick, not sexy – to stand and deliver with the kind of courageous humility we exercised when we defeated Mussolini, Hirohito and Hitler in WWII. Talk is cheap. Railing against socialism won't stop that train in its tracks.

Socialism is legalized totalitarianism. For those who do not understand what totalitarianism is (which is essential for socialism to succeed), it is "a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state." It’s communism with a politically correct veneer. If we refuse to fight against the communist onslaught we will eat a fruit whose bitterness will do far more than leave a sour taste in our mouths. Freedom, as we have known it, will be murdered. A socialist government will replace God once and for all. 


We should applaud, not assault, those who have the wit and wherewithal to make gobs of money. We should work for less government, not more, so that every American has the chance to discover their own potential to be free and make as much money as they possibly can. You want to help people? Good, go help them – with the money you make, courtesy of a less intrusive government. On your journey, be generous. But don't make the mistake of thinking that socialism is selfless, sexy, or our savior. 

It’s no coincidence that in communist countries government leaders are the wealthiest – because, conveniently, they are the ones who gave themselves all the power and the money that comes with it. Stand up. Speak out. Now is the time to put your cowardice to death. 

Michael Anthony is an inspirational speaker, podcaster, and author of A Call for Courage: Living With Power, Truth and Love In An Age of Intolerance and Fear, and the Courageous Life™ Motivational Planner. He is also Lead Pastor of Genesis Church, in York, Pennsylvania, where he lives among farm animals and snack foods. He can be reached at CourageMatters.com.

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