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It’s not like we didn’t already know that the Select Committee on January 6 was a laughable partisan scam. Nothing it investigated meant anything; nothing came of it, and it was one of the most mocked congressional inquiries in recent memory. The media lend it some credibility because Democrats were using two of the most anti-Trump Republican representatives, Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), to go after Trump. This recent tape of Nancy Pelosi taking responsibility for not deploying the National Guard on the day of this little riot exposes this political circus even further. 

It circles back to what was reported in March: that the January 6 committee suppressed evidence. Cheney allegedly attempted to bury Trump’s offer to deploy 10,000 National Guardsmen to protect the Capitol, which DC Mayor Muriel Bowser rejected. Cheney called Trump a liar concerning the allegation of trying to bury evidence. So, how did this Pelosi tape pop up then? Like her crusade against the former president, Cheney has proven to be the queen of incompetence. You can’t bury things in today’s age. Sooner or later, they resurface. The tape shows a visibly shaken Nancy Pelosi taking responsibility for the lack of federal troops in DC on the day of the riot: 

And even in the absence of the suppression of evidence allegation, the evidence collected during the months this cockamamie committee was operational wasn’t appropriately cataloged. All communications with the Biden White House were erased. You’d think that for a party that feels January 6 struck at the core of our republic and was worse than the 9/11 attack, all evidence would be documented and organized with an almost obsessive attention to detail. It wasn’t, which was the first red flag that this committee was a political sham. 

What’s pathetic is that Cheney thought this would be like the 9/11 Commission or something. It would turn the GOP base against Trump—it only reinforced support around Trump. In its wake, Cheney got the brakes beat off her in the 2022 primary, where the former Republican congresswoman pleaded with Democrats to switch parties to help save her. Wyoming, being ruby red, didn’t have enough liberals to save her, and why would Democrats go through the trouble to support someone they would probably never support ever? 

As you know, this wasn’t about the truth or saving the republic. It was about damaging Trump, and it failed miserably. Bidenomics was torching the wallets of working American families. Most Americans had moved on from January 6. The only people obsessing about it was the deranged marginal audience that tunes into MSNBC. 

Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans, all three of them, have tried their hardest to get the former president. They’ve all failed. Even the Manhattan trial has had zero impact on the race because everyone knew, like the J6 committee, that the whole production was political theater. Whatever the media and the political class want us to do, the people blessedly do the opposite with gusto.



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