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Martha's Vineyard's White Residents Emerge from Hiding After Invasion by Illegal Alien Horde

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RedState/Bob Hoge

The border crisis has not dissipated, and the southern border is certainly not secure. We're on the precipice of a humanitarian disaster, though no one wants to discuss it. The nation is in an economic recession. Inflation remains at a 40-year high—and we have a presidency that is incapable of solving any of it. As border states become awash with migrants, with zero help from the federal government and an immigration enforcement corps that's hamstrung, red state governors are taking matters into their own hands. They will weaponize the open border agenda against the Democrats by busing migrants to the posh bastions of liberal power.

We saw stories about migrants being dropped off in New York City, Washington, DC, and Chicago. Elected officials had a meltdown—noting that they don't have the resources to accommodate these migrants. How do you think border states, towns, and cities have been feeling for the past 25 years? These are your policies. The panic reached new heights when 50 migrants were dropped off at the plushy retreat of Martha's Vineyard. Its white residents went ballistic, claiming that these 50 individuals constituted a humanitarian crisis.

The situation was ridiculous. As Spencer wrote, a humanitarian crisis was declared after these 50 illegal aliens stormed the island, causing its white liberal elite to have heart palpitations. Eventually, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker had to deploy the National Guard to escort these little invaders, much to the relief of the woke virtue signalers who infest this location. You don't need to be a detective to search the property values on the island that shred the liberal narrative that these wealthy Democrat islanders couldn't have absorbed 50 people. The island is dotted with multiple multi-million-dollar mansions that could have housed these poor illegal aliens that liberals love more than their fellow citizens.

The liberal media, caught flat-footed, had to do their predictable pivot, claiming this was a cruel joke. Manufacturing a new media narrative gained new urgency when it was revealed that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis put these Martha's Vineyard infiltrators on the buses to the island. We even had allegations that Republican governors were kidnapping migrants. What happened was that the left's immigration policy showed up at their front door, and the tolerant rich whites of liberal America were none too pleased. They deported them from Martha's Vineyard, and the look of glee and relief on their faces could not be missed.

Hasta forever, brown people. "Don't ever come back" here oozed from the images. It was a tumultuous couple of days for these residents, but they survived the invasion.


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