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I remember going to Disney World when I was six. It was a great vacation. We stayed at the Grand Floridian. I got Pirates of the Caribbean toys and gear. We also stopped by nearby Universal Studios, where I nearly crapped my pants on the Jaws ride—when that was still a thing. I was too small to go on the Back to the Future ride at the time, but my older brother said it was fun. That was a long time ago. People still flock to Disney. The company acquired the rights to Star Wars from George Lucas for a cool $4 billion, so it's not like this enterprise is going to suffer, even if that castle has been exposed to be totally loaded with perverts. Should we be shocked? I don't know. For years, Disney films have been cited for their XXX-rated easter eggs. Some, like the underwater palace in "The Little Mermaid," are not so subtle. Those towers where Ariel's dad lives, or whatever that damn place is, are, uh, not family-friendly at all; it's a big collection of penises. The word "sex" is spelled out in the sky while Simba is relaxing in the jungle paradise, his place of exile, with Timon and Pumbaa. Also, what does Genie say as he leaps off the balcony? 

It sounds like "all good teenagers take off their clothes." It does have a "Tyler Durden editing the projector in Fight Club" feeling. I can't link to that scene, but if you've seen the movie, you know what he does to the children's films at the movie theater. 

Now, Disney is under the microscope over its enabling of creepy employees, some of whom are serious child sex predators. It's been going on for years. CNN was documenting it before Donald Trump ever thought about the presidency. The irony is that Disney brought this attention onto itself with this so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill that's now law in Florida. In short, teachers can't be sexual deviants and talk about graphic sexual adventures, gender identity, or any other adult-oriented conversations with young children. The left lost their minds. Disney workers walked out. Gov. Ron DeSantis still won—and won big. The law is highly popular with voters. Disney World isn't leaving the Sunshine State, so this little show will end, but not before a retelling of the company's rather poor handling of its creeps. 

We have a cruise worker who was told to keep her mouth shut regarding fellow employees molesting kids on the ships. In 2014, CNN did a story where they followed a six-month investigation into Disney sex predators, concluding that more sting operations were needed. Two Disney employees, a man and woman, wanted to have a threesome with a 13-year-old. 

The frequency of Disney workers being caught for child sex crimes mirrors that of Tom Brady and the Patriots (and now Bucs) making the playoffs. It's often. It happens A LOT. Christopher Rufo, a Manhattan Institute Fellow and school choice advocate, had a lengthy thread about Dirty Disney. Every year since 2012, Disney has had workers busted for sex crimes. 

Is Disney like the Catholic Church, Penn State, or Boy Scouts of America? We don't know. The Boston Globe's Spotlight team did an excellent job exposing how the abuse of young boys by Catholic priests was a systemic problem—and it all emanated from the horrid case involving Father John Geoghan. The Freeh Report on Penn State's sexual abuse issues involving ex-defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky also pointed to the whole system being complicit in not acting to address the heinous allegations of abuse. 

We don't know that regarding Disney…yet. It's certainly a possibility, but there's not going to be a massive undertaking to see if this is a systemic problem. The liberal media hates DeSantis, and he's running for re-election. They're not going to lift a finger to investigate whether this is a huge problem with Disney or just its hiring department. I'm not saying the latter is any better—it's not—but there is a difference between a serially incompetent employment process, one that hires creeps, and said creeps getting caught by police for sex crimes and then getting buried in the system somehow. I don't think the latter is happening, but this could change. The Globe's spotlight team cross-referenced every official designation of priests in the Archdiocese of Boston. If you've seen the movie Spotlight, "sick leave" was the reason given for the reassignment of problematic priests. It took months of investigating and corroborating. It was when journalists acted like …journalists. We're not going to get that here with Disney. 

The cruise ship worker's feeling that she would be fired if she didn't keep her mouth shut about the molestations does give some pause, though. This isn't the first time, and sadly—it probably won't be the last. Given how big Disney is—it's not going to collapse anytime soon. That's fine. It remains a standing target to revisit once liberals stop frothing at the mouth over the bill. 


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