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The Chinese Defector is a Game Changer

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Yao Dawei/Xinhua via AP

China has had spies in the United States for years. China has stolen our intellectual property rights for years. China has manipulated its currency for years. And recently, a lot of us knew that COVID resulted from a lab experiment gone awry. The staffers who handled the bats all got sick with COVID-like symptoms in November 2019. They destroyed samples that December. There are videos of them handling bats with no protective gear, being bitten, and covered in blood. Wait, it gets better. New studies have shown that maybe this was a cover story. That COVID was a lab creation and that China retro-engineered the virus to make it seem as if it came from bats. Either way, China is to blame. Now, we have this Chinese defector in custody who has given us the scoop on COVID and much more.

This is a top-level intelligence official. Jennifer Van Laar and the crew at RedState have been working to corroborate this story. His name is Dong Jingwei. He's a spy-catcher for China. He's reportedly been Beijing's vice minister in this division since April 2018. He would be the highest-level intelligence defector to cross over from China.

Yes, he's given juice to the COVID lab leak theory and other aspects of China's bioweapons program. Yet, an official of this seniority also has the dirty laundry on us and could provide a roadmap to China's spy network here. Besides the information on COVID, Jingwei reportedly has the goods on American citizens who are paid by Beijing to provide information. Van Laar added that he also has financial records of American businessmen and politicians who are being bought off by China and names of spies working in the US or attending institutions of higher learning, something we knew was an issue given the round-ups that have occurred in months past.  

Oh, it gets worse. He supposedly knows how China taps into the communications of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He also has information regarding meetings Chinese spies have had with top US government officials. He also has "terabytes" worth of data regarding the US intelligence community's dirty laundry. It's reportedly some embarrassing stuff. Jingwei also has information on the Bidens, including Hunter's alleged porn problem and his family's dealings with China, adding to the narrative that the First Family is compromised by Beijing. Hunter and Joe tried to do an access deal with CEFC China Energy while the latter was still Obama's VP. The deal fell through, but not after the Biden's were paid millions for their time. 

Do we have a roadmap to severely damage Chinese operations here? It sounds like it. It also sounds like we can zero in on the areas we need to tighten up, especially concerning communications. Or this could be a Mile 22 situation where the spy we thought we were protecting turned out to be a double-agent in order to inflict more damage on us. We have to vet all of this, but if everything checks out, we have a turned spy-catcher who can root out assets that are hurting our country. We potentially have a China killer in custody. This could be the first act in punishing China for the COVID fiasco: the eradication of some of their spy networks here. 

Okay, maybe not since we have a Democratic president, but look for more information to drop about Mr. Jingwei. Frankly, that's what I'm more focused on at the moment, which is if all of this is true. Then, we can plot our revenge. Take it one step at a time. 

Be sure to read Larry's column on China's act of war, as well. 


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