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Welcome to the Party: Left-Wing News Network Finally Figures Out China's COVID Complicity

Posted: Dec 01, 2020 6:00 AM
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Welcome to the Party: Left-Wing News Network Finally Figures Out China's COVID Complicity

Source: Li Xueren/Xinhua via AP

Welcome to the party, pal. That’s all I can say about this so-called CNN "exclusive" that showed, get this, the Chinese lied about their coronavirus numbers. Yeah, well, this isn’t exactly news, guys. We’ve known this for months. We’ve known this is where the virus originated. We know that China’s death toll is the largest. We know they’ve had the most cases. They didn’t roll in those incinerators into Wuhan to get rid of garbage, folks. I mean, seriously, an Asian nation with an authoritarian regime, a history of secrecy, and an ethnocentric mindset buried its true COVID numbers. I, for one, am shocked.

I’m being sarcastic, of course. This is going to be a pattern, guys. Brace for it. We’re going to see a trove of stories that were mentioned by President Trump or conservative media that were ignored as tin foil hat material, which will be given new life now that we’re at the end of the 2020 election cycle. All of these incoming exclusives, bombshells, and breaking news stories have been mentioned before, and a lot of the medical breakthroughs won’t be properly credited to President Trump. Operation Warp Speed is a medical accomplishment made possible by the Trump administration. Period. But wait, the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were made possible because of…Joe Biden? It’s going to be a nauseating four years.

But let’s get to this CNN exclusive about COVID and China. I mean, China mishandled the outbreak. I mean, I am just floored by this earth-shattering reporting here. Again, we knew this…at the outset. Oh, and even then, CNN tried to clean things up for China. Just look at this passage:

The Chinese government has steadfastly rejected accusations made by the United States and other Western governments that it deliberately concealed information relating to the virus, maintaining that it has been upfront since the beginning of the outbreak. However, though the documents provide no evidence of a deliberate attempt to obfuscate findings, they do reveal numerous inconsistencies in what authorities believed to be happening and what was revealed to the public.

As Jerry Dunleavy of the Washington Examiner noted, that is the evidence of deliberate obfuscation, you pratz. This is China. Totalitarian China, where deception is as pervasive as in Orwellian Oceania. That’s how bad journalism has become; they coddle murderous governments because of…Trump.

The legions of idiots are about to have their day, ladies and gentlemen. Be prepared for some grade-A idiocy from the liberal media over this and other stuff.

It kills me.

CNN: "Breaking news, China lied about its COVID numbers and how it handled the outbreak from the start."

The response from everyone who isn’t an idiot should be, "yeah, we know, you f**king morons."

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