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Leah Millis/Pool via AP

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) betrayed us. He’s a traitor and he should be expelled from the Republican Party, but let’s focus on the good right now. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the 2020 election cycle. I mean, the booming economy, killing Iran’s top terrorist, and the Democrats looking weaker by the day already put a nice wind to our backs, but Lord—the past 72 hours have been gold for the Trump administration and the GOP.

First, the Iowa Caucus devolved into a complete and total disaster for Democrats. For hours, we had no data. Nothing. Less than 40 precincts out of over 1600 from the state’s 99 counties had results, which again means we had no preliminary numbers. By comparison, in 2016, some 80 percent of the results were already tallied around 11 P.M. It would seem that an app used to tally the results had a coding error, which led to the Iowa Democratic Party issuing a “quality control” review of the results. To make things more delicious, a firm, Shadow Inc., created this app and yes, that’s the company’s real name. Former Obama and Clinton operatives created it. You just cannot make this up. The app reportedly had some security issues, though Iowa Democrats said it was a recording error only, not a hack. 

On Tuesday, the Iowa Democratic Party apologized for the cluster that was their caucus and said that 62 percent of the results would be released. They stressed that transparency was their paramount concern and that these results are accurate. It had former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg in the lead.  Last night, with 97 percent reporting, it would appear that Mayor Pete is going to come away with the most delegates, though Sen. Bernie Sanders appears to be the winner of the state’s popular vote. While not a good indicator of the general election, since 1976, the winner of the Iowa Caucus has eventually become the Democratic nominee. Former Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) is a notable exception, winning the caucus in 1992, but losing the nomination to then-Gov. Bill Clinton.

Still, this caucus was in the making for the past three years and it was bungled. And yet, this is the party that says trust us with your health care. They couldn’t get a caucus right, but give these people more government power to run your lives. Hard pass. And while the Democrats have drummed up Russophobia since 2016, their side has done more harm to the integrity of elections with this massive rake-stepping debacle. Why should anyone trust these results? And any media boost from whoever won was cannibalized by the State of the Union.

And yes, fresh off the Iowa Caucus debacle was President Trump’s excellent State of the Union address. And there was the juxtaposition: Trump had an agenda that was creating jobs and boosting economic growth, whereas the Democrats couldn’t even get their first contest in picking their nominee right; it’s order versus chaos. The Trump economy is solid. The private payroll numbers were far better than projected, seven million new jobs since 2017, consumer and small business confidence remain at their highest levels in years, and unemployment, across the board, hit record lows. This is great news. The Democrats just sat there. The speech went over an hour, with Speaker Nancy Pelosi looking tight-lipped, miserable, and outright defeated. She might not have liked it, but there was little in the speech that one would find controversial or divisive—at least to anyone who isn’t infected with Trump derangement syndrome. Americans love their country, job growth, and dead terrorists. Democrats take the opposite position on all three. After listing these accomplishments, it’s no wonder why Pelosi looked so miserable. We may mock her, but she’s not an idiot. She’s a good strategist. She just happened to execute a bad plan here with this impeachment nonsense. It pushed swing states further away from Democrats and boosted Trump’s approval numbers. The Republican base is lockstep behind Trump and it pushed more Independents into that camp. There is not one Democrat who can beat Trump, not with this record of accomplishment — and they all have agendas that are just totally unpalatable to anyone who isn’t an urban-based left-wing professional elitist—and they’re not the majority. I can see why Pelosi ripped up the speech right after it was done. She was a “tore loser.”

And speaking of impeachment, Trump clinched another win: this clown show is now over. Both counts, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, went down in the Republican Senate by a 52-48 and 53-47 vote respectively. We all saw this coming, even with Mitt Romney’s treachery. The Senate would never remove Trump—ever. Not on these charges which reeked of hyper-partisanship from the beginning. Trump was charged with obstruction of Congress? Seriously—yes, the Trump White House should have made things difficult for Democrats when it came to documents on Ukraine since this wasn’t a serious inquiry. There was no campaign slush fund a la Nixon. There was no perjury served up in the way Bill Clinton. This was Democrats still upset about the 2016 election. Abuse of power is just absurd as well. Democrats picked all 17 witnesses and they tried to denigrate the Senate by pushing a motion to add more. That’s not how this works. If Democrats wanted more witnesses, that should have been fleshed out in the House, who did a piss-poor discovery job. It was bungled because there is no smoking gun—just some hate-filled Democrats who thought they could win this fight. Yeah, and Helen Keller had 20/20 vision. What crack pipe were these Democrats smoking? 

Oh, sorry—let’s recap the roots of this impeachment clown show. Some whistleblower who is reportedly a CIA agent, a registered Democrat, and had worked with a 2020 candidate filed complaint that Trump tried to shakedown Ukraine, threatening to withhold aid unless a corruption probe was opened into Hunter Biden, the son of the former vice president. This so-called whistleblower reached out to Rep. Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) staff. Schiff knows this person and plotted to weaponize the contents before it was filed. Schiff was the starting quarterback for this impeachment fail. Talk about collusion. Talk about deep state antics. Outside of D.C., no one cares about impeachment. Tomorrow is a new day—and Trump will still be president, the economy will still be going strong, and Democrats will still be remembered for hosting a trainwreck primary. Trump was acquitted, he forever did nothing wrong. The Democrats receiving buckshot to the face after their first 2020 contest was a complete fiasco, Trump’s State of the Union making a solid case for a second term, and this impeachment push killed by Mitch McConnell. The Senate will now take up more judicial nominees. We are winning. Period. And Democrats may even know that. Oh, and Trump got quite a lot done, such as the new trade deal between Canada and Mexico (USMCA) with impeachment always on the horizon and then at his front door.  It brings a whole new meaning to Teflon Don.

Oh, and we need to discuss Joe Biden briefly. He looks terrible, he's tired, and some of his supporters in Iowa actually left their caucus sites early, saying they were tired and willing to vote for the eventual Democratic nominee in November. He's the former vice president, a reported heavyweight in the party and he came in fourth place in the Iowa results. That's a gut punch. He's supposedly the best person to defeat Trump and yet, he's a two-time presidential loser who has never won a primary or caucus. This field is wilted spinach. It's time to chew them up and spit them out.  


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