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Bud Light, Lenin, and Marx, Part One

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The recent controversy over Bud Light hiring a man who claims to be a woman to market their beer (Nike hired the same man) is symbolic of the whole Leftist movement.  As I shall discuss in this series of articles, hatred is the cardinal motivating emotion of Leftism, and by “Leftism” I mean the philosophy called “communism” (and “socialism,” the economic basis of communism) which arose from the ideas of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin.  The majority of information provided in these articles will be quotations from Lenin and Marx.  Perceptive readers will note how American Leftists are in goose-step with these ideals.


But first, Bud Light.  One would think that an industry with profits as a major motive would not wish to deliberately offend millions of its best customers.  Anheuser-Busch (AB) produces the most popular beers in America, and certainly many “based” conservatives have made it their beer company of choice.  But now, many, many such people (such as Kid Rock and popular country music singer Travis Tritt) have divorced themselves from AB and Bud Light.  Are the decision-makers at AB so culturally obtuse that they didn’t anticipate the offense hiring a transgender to promote their product would give to countless millions of normal Americans?  Actually, I suspect AB knew very well what it was doing, and did it deliberately.

As I shall prove in the Lenin and Marx quotes, the Left hates you, folks.  You know that, of course, and AB’s actions are a clear indication of it.  The interesting thing is:  they hate you more than they want to make money!  Or, more directly, they are willing to sacrifice some financial gain for a season in order to spit in the faces of normal, decent Americans. That is currently more important than producing a profit for their shareholders.  Now, if AB starts losing too much money, they will eventually amend their advertising, and I suspect we will know when profits plunge too much—they will drop Dylan Mulvaney from their ad campaigning, claim the whole thing a success, and move on to other marketing ventures.  But, currently, AB is willing to accept a financial hit in order to promote a Leftist, anti-Christian viewpoint, and they are doing so for one reason, and one reason only:  they hate you, they hate God, they hate Christianity, they hate traditional America, and everything else you stand for.  There is no love in the Left, not among the opinion-makers.  They only know hate.  That emotion is what fills their hearts and motivates their actions.  Not love.  Not tolerance.  Not “inclusion.”  Hate.


I cannot emphasize this point too strongly:  Bud Light hired Dylan Mulvaney for one reason, and one reason only: to demonstrate how much they despise you.  If they had wanted to sell beer, they would have employed someone that you, their main customers, approve of.  They could have, but they didn’t.  And they didn’t, because they were prepared to make a financial sacrifice in order to celebrate the Left’s hate-you agenda.

Modern American Leftist thought arises mostly out of the doctrines of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, two men to whom hatred was a vital part, indeed, the controlling part, of their emotions.  Let me share with you a few quotes, first from Lenin, then more from Marx, to prove this, and then also to demonstrate what they (Marx especially) wanted to accomplish and how successful they’ve been in 21st century America. 

First, Lenin.  This quote is about is clear as one can get:

“We must hate—hatred is the basis of communism.  Children must be taught to hate their parents if they are not communists.”

It will become increasingly clear why Lenin held this view as more quotes from him and Marx are produced.

Another:  “Hatred is truly the ‘beginning of all wisdom.’” It is possible, in this quote, that Lenin had only the bourgeois in mind.  But hatred against anyone has no place in the human heart.  Oppose and debate those you do not agree with; that is decent humanity.  Hating them leads only to the violence, murder, and terror that has dominated Leftist countries since communist filth entered the world in 1917.


Further, Lenin said, “We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn toward those who disagree with us.”  Not only did Lenin himself hate, but it was such a consuming part of his nature that he argued that hate must be taught to others, that people must learn to “hate” those who disagree with them.  We see this all over America now.  Bitter, obvious hatred is progressively manifest in the transgender and pro-abortion movements.  These mentally-disturbed people are being taught hate; is it any surprise they are becoming vicious and violent?  Remember Anheuser-Busch.  They (and their ilk) have caved to wokeism’s hatred of traditional American values, and are willing to needlessly offend countless millions of their fellow citizens to advance the Leftist itinerary.  So, the Left is doing exactly what Lenin taught in this current quote:  sowing “among the masses hatred, revulsion, and scorn” toward anyone who disagrees with them.  Multitudes (and “woke” corporations) are learning this lesson well, and their “hatred, revulsion, and scorn” are rising exponentially.  Just as Lenin wanted.

Another from Lenin:

“There are times when the interests of the proletariat call for ruthless extermination of its enemies.”

And this:


“Surely you do not imagine that we shall be victorious without applying the most cruel revolutionary terror?”


“It is necessary—secretly and urgently—to prepare the terror.”

And the basis of their entire philosophy:

“Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.”

Hatred of religion, especially Christianity, is the ultimate source of the Leftist movement.   We shall see this again in quotes from Marx.

Anheuser-Busch has swallowed the “woke” Kool-Aid.  Deliberately, not by mistake.  We shall hear from Marx in my next column.

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