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Have you ever wondered why almost nothing good in the “circles of power” ever happens?  Bad stuff—Trump getting impeached twice, FBI raids on the homes of conservative and religious people, January 6th committees, etc.—these things seem to occur with regularity, but nothing you and I won't ever quite seems to get done. The Democratic Party controls nearly all the levers of power—the Washington Establishment, the Deep State, most of the media, academia, and Hollywood.  But mainly, Washington, D.C.  Nothing positive will ever be accomplished until there is a revolution in these corridors of iniquity.             


Let me give you a few examples of what I mean.            

1.  The Republican Congressional investigations.  Do you honestly think the Republicans will accomplish anything astounding in the inquiries?  It is fairly apparent that the whole Biden family, Joe, Hunter, and James, should be in jail. You and I would be if we had done what they did.  But there is no way any of those people will suffer one iota.   Impeach Mayorkas?  Forget it.  Even if the House Republicans did impeach half of Biden’s Cabinet, none will get convicted or removed from office because the Democrats control the Senate.  And the blowback would be on the Republicans for doing it.  They know that, which is why they won’t do it.  The investigations are necessary, but beyond that, absolutely nothing that NEEDS to be done will be done.  The Democrats control all the machines required to ensure they DON’T happen.           

2.   What really happened with the release of Covid-19 in China?  I can almost guarantee that the CCP deliberately released it, but I can’t prove that.  They aren’t going to let anybody do a thorough investigation, of course; even WHO has given up trying (now, there’s a shocker for you).  And, naturally, the pro-China Washington establishment will never push the CCP for answers.  It happened; millions died, meh.  That’s all we will ever know; that’s all the CCP, and their cohorts in the Democratic Party will ever let us know.  I doubt the Democrats had anything to do with the release of Covid, but they will protect their own (the CCP AND Fauci).           


3.   The Paul Pelosi underwear caper.   Do you know what happened there?   Does anybody, besides the Pelosis?  Do you think Nancy will ever let us in on the secret?  That one is under the rug.  The Democrats and media have it nicely covered, thank you.           

4.   Jeffrey Epstein.  Same here.  Some information and lists are supposed to be published.  Sometime soon.  Sometime.   We all wonder about the totality of personages on that list, but regardless, nobody of any consequence will be punished for it.  That much we do know.           

5.   The East Palestine train wreck and the China spy balloons.  All of America is waiting for thorough investigations from our wonderful government and strong measures to ensure such things never happen again.  We are waiting.  And waiting.   And waiting.  The year is now 2040.  We are still waiting…Why do we never get any answers to anything?  Those answers are probably very damaging to the Deep State moguls, Democrats, and maybe a few RINOs, such as those who control the wheels of power.  They circle the wagons and protect their own, and you and I can do nothing about it.  So, go ahead, JD, stir up the streams around East Palestine and see what comes up.   I’ll bet nobody in Washington will surface.            


7.   The 2020 elections and the 2022 Arizona governor’s election fiasco.  Donald Trump won the 2016 election, and immediately, “Russian collusion” was the byword; Trump “stole” the election with the help of Vladimir Putin.  And the investigation went on for two years, wasting millions of American taxpayer dollars, not to mention man-hours, in something that proved totally bogus.  Most of us knew it was from the very beginning.  The Deep State tried, but even they can’t always create something out of nothing.  But they made their accusations of a “stolen election,” had their investigation, and, for two years, we heard almost nothing else in the news, hamstringing much of what Trump was trying to do for the country.  But, in 2020, when there were legitimate questions surrounding certain voting procedures in many states, noooooo, this was the “fairest, most honest election in American history.”  No hanky-panky going on at all.  Nor inquiries.  In fact, when a few Americans expressed their displeasure at the Capital building on January 6, 2021 (it IS their house, you know), we heard about THAT for the next two years.  “January 6,” not a possibly unfair election, was investigated.             

Is anything going on in the 2022 Arizona governor’s election scam?  Well, Kari Lake is still trying.  Do you have any hope she will eventually will that case?            


Why?  Well, this is exactly what I am talking about.  The Democrats manipulate in ways Republicans never even think about.  They get what they want.  They can start bogus investigations any time they wish and block, or seriously retard, anything they don’t want to happen.  They control the levers of power.  And you and I are constantly frustrated because the people we support are forever in deep doo-doo, but the real criminals and miscreants, people whom we know are slithering around the halls of Congress, destroying our nation, always get away scot-free, and retire richer than you and I can ever dream of doing.              

“With liberty and justice for all.” Well, for all the Leftist, deep-state Democrats.   Something needs to be done.  But what can we do?  I’m open to suggestions.  

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