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Will the Democrats Dump Biden in 2024?

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Short answer: no. I am 100% convinced that, if the man is still breathing, the Democratic Party will re-nominate the Biden-Harris ticket in 2024. Even though polls indicate that a majority of Democrats don’t want Biden to run again, the party leaders aren’t going to pay any attention to what the party faithful want. The Republican Party leadership never does, and neither will the Democratic brain trust. Biden is a shoo-in.


I mean, he has given them everything they want. Why WOULDN’T they re-nominate him? Are they going to nominate somebody who will do what Republicans want to be done? Not hardly.

Admittedly, he is old, and he does have a tough job. Going back and forth to Delaware every weekend must be taxing. Speaking of taxing, taxing the middle-class and everybody else in sight also is surely tiring. Hosting drag shows at the White House and approving of new ways for perverts to spread their filth around the country does have to strain what non-existent brain power he has. Meeting with Hunter’s business partners and counting the money he makes from those deals is time-consuming, and shaking hands with people who don’t exist could exhaust someone half his age. Eating tons of ice creams must create fatigue. Living with Taco Jill…well, I’ll leave that one be.  

Being President isn’t easy. He might not last much longer.

But, if he does, he will be the nominee. Not surprisingly, I have some historical reasons for believing such.

Only once in American history has a political party failed to re-nominate an elected President who sought four more years (Franklin Pierce, 1856. A few VPs who ascended at the death of the elected President didn’t get the next nomination.). Herbert Hoover, the Republican President (elected in 1928) who got hit with the Great Depression and was clueless about what to do about it, was re-nominated (and slaughtered) in 1932. Jimmy Carter, the abysmal flop from 1976 to 1980, was back on top of the ticket in 1980 (and slaughtered). Even a very popular Teddy Roosevelt couldn’t unseat an unhappy and mediocre William Howard Taft for the Republican nomination in 1912; TR decided to run on a third-party ticket and only succeeded in throwing the election to the Democrat Woodrow Wilson, and America suffered from TR’s deplorable decision ever since. A political party doesn’t remove a popularly-elected President. A few Presidents (e.g., James Polk, and James Buchanan) honored their commitment to only serve one term and did not seek re-election. But, only Pierce was elected and then booted off the ticket the next go-round. 


It just isn’t done. Because of the primary system, it would be blaming the party faithful for giving the country an idiot. “Don’t be so stupid, give us somebody better this time!” is not something you want to throw at your party members.

The Vice-Presidency is not quite as secure, but almost. No political party has removed a sitting VP from the ticket since FDR did it in 1944 and gave us Harry Truman instead of Henry Wallace (not the last of Roosevelt’s innumerable mistakes). Since then, the Vice-President has been safe for the second term. Again, it would be admitting a huge blunder if the incumbent were removed. And we all know politicians NEVER make mistakes. At least not big ones like that.

Biden could step down “voluntarily,” of course. I put “voluntarily” in quotation marks because that is how it would be sold to the public. He actually would have been forced out by worried Democratic leadership, but they—and their media accomplices—would spin it as “President Biden has decided not to run for re-election. He wants to spend more time with Hunter…” Well, maybe not the last sentence, but it would be Biden’s “decision,” (age might be used), not a forced retirement. Lyndon Johnson decided not to seek re-election in 1968, and that didn’t appear to be forced upon him, but one can never be sure what evil lurks in the back halls of political caucuses.  

But Biden will never leave the Presidency voluntarily. The man is too arrogant, narcissistic, and uncaring about the welfare of the American people to give up power by himself. He will leave the White House only to be defeated in 2024 or a pine box. Or, when his second term is over in 2028. Never, sans serious illness, of his own volition.


And Kamala will be his giggling lap dog to the end.   

The Democratic Party leadership might be able, behind those closed caucus doors, to compel Biden to retire. And they might threaten him somehow if he says no. That is if they want another candidate. Again, I’m not sure why the Democratic Party leadership would want Biden out of the White House, given what he has done for the country, i.e., how effectively he is destroying it by their ideology and plan. But if they seriously sense possible defeat in 2024 because the American people are fed up with Biden, they WILL drive him out. Biden isn’t strong enough to defeat the entirety of the Democratic Party moguldom.

But if things are no worse than they are now (how can they be, and things are great to Democrats), and if Biden wants the presidency again, and if the Democrats think they can steal another election for him, he will get the nomination in 2024. Of course, that is over a year away and a lot could happen. But right now, he is the Democratic Party nominee in the next election.

Of course, if they needed to, the Dems could replace Biden with John Fetterman and nobody would be able to tell there had been a switch.

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