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Elon Musk is releasing many records from Twitter which have the potential to be very damaging to the Democratic Party (Republicans to the rescue?). The news is everywhere so I won’t reiterate the details. One question I have is, is anybody surprised?


No conservative is, of course. Many, many people are convinced that the Democratic Party stole the election of 2020 from Donald Trump through various voting fraud methods, and now the information is being disclosed that they pressured at least Twitter to suppress news, right before that election, which could have been harmful to Joe Biden. Again, I ask, is anybody surprised that they did that? I doubt even honest liberals, if such exist, are shocked by these revelations. The constant refrain that the 2020 election was “the most secure in history” was suspicious enough. Now, the evidence is truly coming forth that the Democrats illegally tried to manipulate the election in their favor. Such actions are completely in harmony with their philosophical and moral system.

Leftist morality is ever-changing to meet whatever circumstance is required. The Left’s history is longer, wider, and deeper than Marxist thought, but Marxism is certainly at the core of many modern liberal ideas. Regarding history and morality, Friedrich Engels wrote, “Each stage (in the Marxist historical “process”) is necessary and therefore justified for the time and conditions to which it owes its origins…for it (dialectic, i.e., Marxist, philosophy), nothing is final, absolute, sacred.” Historical justification—in other words, whatever is necessary, at a given point in time, to push “history” forward towards socialism—is the ONLY morality, the supreme ethical principle of the Left. There are no “final” solutions or eternal truths. Even slavery and incest were, to Marx and Engels, historically justified, within their historical circumstances. It’s all a “process” moving history “progressively forward” (see Thomas Sowell’s “Marxism” for a solid analysis).


Thus, to the Left, nothing is fixed, permanent, absolute. As a result, their “morality” can be adjusted, whenever necessary, to meet whatever exigency is required at the moment. Lying, cheating, murder, stealing—it is all there in the Left’s modern history, from Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, and every other Leftist dictatorship. Mass murder can even be warranted as part of the “process.” As revolting as that is to you and me, it is a cardinal principle of Marxist, Leftist thought, and clearly demonstrated in the actions of Marx’s followers (Stalin, Mao, etc). I wonder whether Marx would condone mass murder (probably, he was a scumbag), but a person cannot escape the logical consequences of his philosophy. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Xi Jinping certainly understood the logic. I also doubt that most normal American liberals know where their Leftism comes from or what it really implies. But I have no doubt that Barack Obama, and others of his ilk, understand it perfectly well. Franklin Roosevelt may have thought Stalin went too far with his murderous purges, but he was, and modern liberals are, certainly in sympathy with “Uncle Joe’s” Leftist, “progressive” socialist ideology. Scratch a true Leftist, you find a Marxist. And they MUST hide that from the American people.

The American Left is screaming at Elon Musk, but they are lying, and they know they are lying. But, to them, that’s justified. Anything is justified if it serves the cause and advances whatever agenda they want advanced. That’s “progressive,” a word they have co-opted (like “gay”) to manipulate Americans’ thinking. Again, the history of the communist parties of the Soviet Union and China, et al, are exemplary. They lie. They cheat. They steal. They murder. It’s all there in the history books. And the American Left is, philosophically, from its historical roots, no different from any other leftist on earth. For example, they have convinced the majority of the American people that it is acceptable to abort unborn children. But, they haven’t been able (yet) to get the one-party state they need to enact a “final solution” to their political opposition, as Stalin, Mao, Castro, etc. did. But Biden has been able to use big tech, the FBI, and the DOJ to silence, intimidate, harass, and even arrest many of his “enemies.” If the Left ever gets total power in America, expect the same consequences that have terrorized other Leftist totalitarian countries around the world. The Left kills people. Why not? There is no absolute morality as Marx, their patron saint, said.


Joe Biden had to win in 2020 because Donald Trump, the Right, is interfering in this “progressive,” Marxist historical process. The sooner the “Right” is removed, the sooner history can arrive at its ultimate, predetermined socialist goal. It's “science” or, as Marxists have called it, “scientific socialism.” Thus, stealing elections, and, if necessary, using oppression, censorship, violation of the law—all of this is justified to accomplish “history’s” goal. And the Left will do whatever they can get away with. And I do mean WHATEVER.

So, the information that Elon Musk is revealing is not shocking at all. We knew what the Left was doing all along, although the positive proof was lacking. We knew it, because we know what Leftists do, where their philosophy comes from, and what it dictates. And they will keep doing it if they are allowed to. It’s their religion. It’s their moral code. The people who believe in murdering babies and mutilating children are certainly not going to let something like a few lies stop them from gaining whatever power they crave.

We are standing in the way of the great socialist Utopia, folks. Shame on us. It’s inevitable. Marx said so.

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