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I’m not a Never Trumper, so please don’t call me one. I think I have made it clear that I believe that Donald Trump was, by far, the best President the United States has had since Ronald Reagan. Nobody is even close. His policies were extremely beneficial to the country. He didn’t kowtow to foreign governments, but usually told them exactly what he thought, defending America, asserting American rights and strengths, and I applauded, “Hear! Hear! More! More!” The media, Democrats, and RINOs hate him, and that right there is a strong endorsement of the man.


I was a die-hard Trump supporter and was extremely disappointed when he was (for whatever reason) not re-elected in 2020. I have no doubt America would be in the far, far better condition right now if he had been.

Mr. Trump says very little I disagree with, policy-wise. Frankly, Never Trumpers irritate me to no end. They have closed their eyes and minds to the tremendous good the man did for America because they didn’t like his mean tweets or something. They should move to China where nobody can tweet at all. Well, Elon put DJT back on Twitter so the Never Trumpers can go cry in their fried rice.

But I’m not a “Nobody But Trumper” either. That group seems to believe that ONLY Donald Trump can save America, and if you don’t absolutely, unquestionably support Mr. Trump, you are not a “conservative” and you have betrayed the cause. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t suit me, either.

I’m not a “Never Trumper.” Nor am I a “Nobody But Trumper.”

I am an “American Firster.” I don’t believe that means “Nobody But Trump.” To Never Trumpers, “America First” means “anybody but Trump.” To Nobody But Trumpers, “America First” means ONLY Trump.

I don’t accept either of those postulates. I believe America first means, well, America First, the best, the finest, the most excellent candidate(s) possible. If I conclude, in 2024, Donald Trump fits that bill, I will support him as strongly as I have in the past.

But if I conclude another candidate is better for America—and, crucially, can win—then I will back that candidate. Mr. Trump will get my vote based on the future, not the past. Unlike the Never Trumpers and Nobody But Trumpers, I have not decided yet. If that means I’m not a “conservative,” then so be it. 


Frankly, my main concern with Donald Trump is not with his policies, but with his electability. His stated policy positions are solid. But has he ripped his britches with the American people? Can he win?

Now, I speak solely for myself here, for no one else. But I have a feeling there is a lot of lower-lip biting going on currently among conservatives about this very thing. Yes, we love Donald Trump.


Given the total circumstances, nuances, and foibles of the man, will the American people re-elect him to the Presidency?  

I have concerns about that, but we are still almost two years away from the next election, though candidates will be selected long before that. A lot can happen in the interim. Recently, Mr. Trump had a bad couple of weeks among the Republican Party faithful. Fairly or not, some of the blame for the midterm disappointment was laid at his feet. His attacks on Ron DeSantis were perceived as utterly inappropriate and indefensible; no excuses at all for doing such, regardless of what one thinks of DeSantis. Mr. Trump’s ego often runs his mouth and that irritates even many people who otherwise support his policies nearly 100%.  

What would we give to have Donald Trump/2016 again?

But is that possible? Or has that day passed forever? Can Mr. Trump recover enough support to put him in the White House again? I repeat I don’t know. Joe Biden’s incompetence is probably Trump’s biggest asset.  

Richard Nixon, his entire political career, was despised by the media. He was written off as politically dead after he lost the 1960 presidential election. But he rebounded and won the elections of 1968 and 1972. His vanity and narcissism led him to make huge mistakes that forced his resignation in 1974.


I’m not going to let the media tell me what to think about a person they hate. I’ll make that decision for myself. And neither Never Trumpers nor Nobody But Trumpers will intimidate me one bit.

I love Mr. Trump’s policies. But…is he electable? That is my question going forward.

Here is an interesting hypothetical for you. Let’s suppose Trump grades out near 100% in the policy. And let’s then suppose primary candidate AB only grades out at 70-85% (Joe Biden grades out at 0%). AB appears to be electable; DJT, not so much.

Whom do we support?

Would we rather have 70-85% with better electability, or riskless electability to get 100%, realizing that if 100% loses, we get 0% for another four years?

Of course, as I said, that is purely hypothetical at this point. But it might be wise to start thinking about it. If it becomes obvious that Mr. Trump, for whatever reason, isn’t electable, can we throw the election away by giving him the nomination anyway? Not. The country is far more important than any one person. We must win in 2024. Can the country even survive four more years of Joe Biden? Will basic freedoms, like freedom of speech, remain in 2028 if the Democrats win again?  

So. Is Trump the best, and most electable, candidate for the Republican Party in 2024? That’s what each of us needs to decide, Never Trumpers and Nobody But Trumpers to the contrary notwithstanding.

We don’t have to answer these questions right now. But we might need to move them closer to the front burner.


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