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Even from Thailand, I can tell that Americans, especially conservative Republicans, are motivated to vote this year. Early voting is said to be tremendous, and it is said that a lot of that is tilting Republican, which is said to be unusual. I hope all these sayings are true. It is obvious that millions are horrified at what Joe Biden and the Democrats have done to the country in the past two years, and if there is any justice in this universe, the Democrats will be justifiably slaughtered come Tuesday. However, it also appears to be true that millions have been asleep for the last two years (60?) and haven’t woken up yet. If they have, then the country is in bigger trouble than I thought.


Polls in many key races are tight. But we are told not to trust the polls because they are mostly conducted by Democrats who deliberately plot to undercount Republican support to “discourage” GOP faithful from voting. But, it seems to me, a close poll would be more of an incentive to vote—“hey, we’re close, let’s get out there and put our guy (gal) over the top.” If the pollsters wanted to destroy morale, they’d have the Democratic candidate up by ten points and then make their excuses after the election if they were wrong. Nobody is going to remember, or care, ten years from now.

I’m also told that Republican people often, um, don’t tell poll-takers their true feelings (a nice way of saying they are lying). Maybe that’s true. I’ve never been called by a poll taker (I guess long-distance charges to China or Thailand are too expensive), but if I were, I’d tell them the truth. “I’m going to vote Republican like every other intelligent American, you twit, and you better mark that down.” Whether he/she/it does or not, I would never know anyway. But I don’t know why I would lie about it. The poll taker can’t do anything to me.

All of that rambling I’ve just done is to say, one last time, that I DO think the Republicans will win both Houses of Congress this year. I hope by a lot. But I don’t know, nobody knows, and it may be a while before anybody does know.

I do know, as I have repeated, ad nauseum, in my posts, that Democrats are utterly untrustworthy, even to a negative degree. When you have no moral values, and all you care about is power and control of other people’s lives through the use of government, then you will do anything, fair or foul, to gain, and then keep that power. Anything. That’s all you live for. Did anybody pay attention to what happened in China two weeks ago? How can you trust somebody like that? As James Madison once said, “The truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted.” That goes double for Democrats. And Madison WAS one (an early version).


When Joe Biden says, “It may take a few days for some of the races to be decided,“ what I hear is, “It may take a few days for us to scrape together enough votes of dead people and count enough ballots twice to win.” I hear the oft-repeated cliché, “every vote counts!” That is not my worry. What concerns me is, will every vote be counted, and how many votes will be counted more than once. In how many different places?

And will Mitch McConnell care?

That is a rhetorical question, of course.

I’m not sure that most Republicans in the office know who their enemy is. Or that they even have one. When your enemy is trying to destroy you—and make no mistake, that is EXACTLY what the Democrats are trying to do—if you are a nice person, you can initially try diplomacy and/or compromise. When that doesn’t work, and it won’t work with Democrats, then you must defend yourself and attack in every civilized manner possible. But the first thing to do is realize what is happening and what the other guy is attempting to do. The Democratic Party is trying to obliterate America as we have known it. The Republicans had better realize that and do something about it. For there to be Republicans to do that, the people must vote them into office. Democratically. That is something else the Democrats are trying to destroy.  

So, my last message before the midterms is: go vote. Every vote counts. And will hopefully be counted fairly. Hopefully. But don’t count on it.

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