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Fascism, Nazism, Communism and Socialism are only superficial variations of the same monstrous theme—collectivism.” Ayn Rand. 

In 2017, in Round One of the modern Fascist v. Socialist collectivist showdown in Charlottesville, both sides proved to the American people what we had already known: that they are two dueling groups of dangerous idiots. 


About the Fascists, we learned that they continue to believe in Nazi and KKK ideology. Walking around with tiki torches, in what could only be described as the least colorful luau of all time, singular white male supremacists shouted German propaganda like, “Blood and Soil” and “Jews will not replace us!” They waved classic Confederate and Nazi flags, flags belonging to enemies of the United States of America (a treasonous act disrespecting the Americans who fought against those enemies). One of them drove his car into a crowd of people with whom he disagreed, killing a woman in an act of terrorism, in perfect emulation of a Middle Eastern terrorist that he previously proclaimed to hate. 

About the Socialists, we learned that they live up to their ideology as well: (1) the ends justify the means and (2) everyone must believe what they believe, by force if not by choice. They supported terrorism in order to stop the white nationalists from having a voice. They used violence to attempt to suppress the white supremacists, engaging in the exact behavior that they claimed to stand against. Antifa and other violent leftists attacked people they didn’t agree with using mace, pepper spray, bricks, baseball bats, sticks and “foul liquids.” Antifa is a violent, destructive Socialist Supremacist group. 


Watching White Supremacists v. Socialist Supremacists was like watching a fight between two sides of the same pancake. The Socialist outrage fueled the Fascists and vice versa. So much so, that the Fascists felt empowered enough to give it a second try. 

And so on the anniversary of Round One, the Fascists gathered together for Round Two, all 25 of them. 

Never to be outdone, the Socialists came out in larger numbers, in the thousands, to counter-protest, intimidate, attack, and suppress the tiny Fascist minority, outnumbering them at least 100 to 1. They included all sub-groups of the socialist movement: Black Lives Matter, Antifa, LGBTQers, and other typical outraged leftists.  

The first arrest of the day was an angry Antifa male who spit on two Virginia State Troopers. Antifa violence increased as the day went on. They were throwing eggs and water bottles, lighting fireworks and smoke bombs, and they blocked the way for the Fascists to get out of the area, attempting to ensure confrontation. 

Then out came the rain and washed out all the idiots. 

So what did we learn from Fascists v. Socialists in Round Two? That Fascists are almost extinct, and that Socialists are running around rampant in support of Socialist Supremacy. The Socialist Supremacists successfully won against the White Supremacists in numbers, voice, force, and popularity. 


Who lost? DC metro area residents. Our local tax dollars were spent on planning, police presence, and clean-up after these two collectivist groups decided to battle the opposite side of that flat pancake on our turf. 

While I hope this is the end of collectivist supremacy, I know we have not seen the last of them. Socialist Supremacists are only growing in numbers and anxious to wreak havoc on our society.

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