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The Right To Bear Arms Is The Right to Gender Equality

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In boxing, a fighter’s weight is measured and reported to the audience. Size matters in a fight. 

I’m a 5’3” female and I weigh in at a whopping 104 lbs. (Tiny person, mighty spirit.) But presumably I wouldn’t do well fending off a physical attack. 

So when liberals started talking about female empowerment and fighting rapists, I got excited. Turns out, we had some disconnect on what empowerment really means. My internal conversation with liberals went something like this:

Libs: “We need to empower women. We need to fight against rape and bad men. Gender equality!”

Me: “Alright! Let’s teach women self defense, concealed carry, escape tactics, etc. Yeah! I’m in!”

Libs: “So to do this, give me your guns.”

Me: “Wait. What? You just said empower me, fight them, equality for all. And you said I should defend against rape. How do you expect me to do that without a firearm?”

Libs: “On Twitter. We want you to be empowered on Twitter. Also, wear a pussy hat and parade around in public with others wearing the same pussy hat. That will make you feel empowered. [something incomprehensible] gender equality!”

Me: “Are you insane?!”

Libs: “You’re either with us, or you’re a Nazi or a racist.”

Me: “First of all, Twitter doesn’t make me stronger. Neither does a ridiculous pussy hat. That’s just embarrassing. And none of this is equalizing! You guys just said that men are obsessed with penis-like sculptures and words and wanted to stop them by making up “gender-inclusive language. But now you are doing the same thing they were doing with your female organs displayed on hats. Also you are offending yourselves by supporting female hats because you just said that sex organs are not definitive of gender and that there is no gender because its fluid and that claiming a gender is wrong. So you are not being inclusive of fluid gender. Maybe just wear hats with holes to be inclusive of anyone with a hole

Anyway, how do I fight rape with Twitter? I can’t even fight rape by calling the police. Cops don’t magically appear between me and a rapist to save me and arrest him on the spot. Twitter doesn’t appear in the real world, period. So how do I fight a rapist with my words and my politics, which is essentially what you propose?”

Libs. “You’re alt-right.”

And so the conversation with liberals alleging the protection of women ends. Without answers and without logical congruity.

But the question persists: how does a petite female get equal standing in a fight?

The answer is simple. Get the Great Equalizer, as I call it. Get a gun.  

Anecdotally, according to my 23andMe genetic test results, I’m related to Napoleon! He was also tiny but mighty. That is, when he had a gun and an army of people with guns behind him. For you see, no matter your height or weight, if you have a firearm, you become a great opponent. 

So while I may be easy to beat at 104 lbs of mass, I am all of a sudden a beast when you add a handgun with a loaded magazine into that equation. Add in a handgun and now I'm empowered. No matter how manly you are and how feminine I am, no matter how big you are and how small I am, my gun gives me equal chance in a fight between us

That’s my answer to the question of gender equality - it is the ability to arm myself and give myself a fighting chance against anyone who wants to come hither against my wishes. 

I love my freedoms and I love my right to choose how to protect myself. 

We are a lucky people because we live in a country with base laws designed for freedom. 

The Bill of Rights provides us with amazing opportunities for equality - it provides us with guarantee for some very important rights which we call enumerated rights, and then it guarantees that whichever rights are not enumerated are nonetheless “retained by the people” and protected (against Government takings). We then were given the Constitution and the Supreme Court to supervise those protections. Because the government is a bully by nature, and our founding fathers knew that. 

So the Second Amendment was enumerated for us. Spelled out for us, lest there be some confusion. “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Because our founding fathers knew that the firearm was the Great Equalizer. The firearm balanced out the playing field between a bully and a good guy. They gave us a fighting chance, “equality of opportunity” you can call it.

Libs: “Outdated. Back then, they didn’t have Twitter empowerment.” 

Me: “ So they didn’t know that tweeting was a type of self defense?” 

After seeing the most recent and most heinous liberal attack on my freedom to defend myself, attack on our Constitutional rights, I quickly reinforced the greatest advocate that I know of in the fight against the disarmament of women, the National Rifle Association, by becoming a Life Member. And by the way, they LOVE women! They even give women a huge discount on membership fees!

So if you support women’s rights and gender equality, then support the right to bear arms. Support the Second Amendment and the NRA. The right to bear arms is the right to gender equality. Fight for your right to fight back. 

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