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The unconstitutional assault by the Biden administration against parents of school-aged children in America is apparent and shameful. U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s recent memorandum to the FBI attempts to bully and silence parents who are standing up to oppose what they believe is harmful curriculum; meanwhile, AG Garland is inexplicably unaware of the domestic terrorism occurring just a few blocks from his office where extreme environmentalist breached the Department of the Interior on October 14, 2021, causing multiple injuries.


AG Garland’s opening paragraph of his memorandum to the director of the FBI on October 4, 2021, states, “In recent months, there has been a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff who participate in the vital work of running our nation's public schools.” He adds, “Those who dedicate their time and energy to ensuring that our children receive a proper education in a safe environment deserve to be able to do their work without fear for their safety.”

Like Terry McAuliffe in Virginia, AG Garland gets it all wrong as he wages war against parents, describing non-violent speeches at school board meetings against critical race theory and the 1619 Project as “disturbing,” “harassment,” and “intimidating.” McAuliffe and Garland subscribe to an education system that silences speech that opposes their ideology and seeks to therefore remove parental authority.  This is tyrannical behavior; it is unconstitutional at its core, and we must all stand against it.  

The groundswell of parental engagement against educational practices they disagree with is at the heart of the exercise of free speech in America.  

AG Garland is so tone deaf that instead of protecting children from a Marxist-inspired indoctrination, he moves only to protect the public meeting spaces of our school board meetings on behalf of administrators. 


AG Garland must protect children who are being mentally raped (yes, forced to undergo unauthorized and harmful violations of their innocent minds) in the public classrooms of America.  Perhaps AG Garland’s misguided hand against parents is tied to his own alleged conflict of interest whereby his son-in-law benefits from pushing CRT in public schools.  

Critical Theory is a clear and present danger not only to children of all ethnicities but also to the consciousness of America.  We are not a nation divided by Oppressors and the Oppressed, as Critical Theory espouses. It must be stopped dead in its tracks as an assault on the minds of our children. Since CRT is now banned in Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, and Oklahoma, there is hope yet as Indiana and others debate such a ban. 

There is hope rising out of Indiana through organized parent groups in the state (in Hamilton County) and a courageous Attorney General.  Just last week, on October 18, 2021, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita led 16 other state attorneys general to author a letter to AG Garland demanding that the federal government stand down from its assault against parents at school board meetings. 

In addition to this kind of leadership from Rokita, Indiana’s Hamilton County parents are fighting back, convening Townhall meetings, pulling their children out of these government-run indoctrination camps, running for school board seats, and taking back authority over their children’s education.  And they must.  They are paving the way for all of us to end the mental rape of America’s most vulnerable – our children.


Marc T. Little is the Executive Director of CURE America Action, Inc., a 501 (c)(4), headquartered in Washington, DC, advocating messages of Christianity, Capitalism, and the Constitution across the nation.  Little is a pastor, attorney, political commentator, and a charter school founder and leader. 

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