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Ten Reasons Why Obama Should Be Ashamed

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President Obama has now auditioned, and won, the prized position as the Billy Mays Infomercial spokesperson replacement.  Obama's "Jobs" speech, and the repetition of the "buy now--pass this bill right away" refrain put the Sham-Wow and Ginsu knife commercials to shame.  America has serious problems.  Americans were hoping for a serious response.  Instead, Obama continued the "political circus" and invited Americans to a pity party, piled high with a plethora of platitudes and vague Wimpy-hamburger-like promises of gladly paying tomorrow if only congress passes an ill-defined jobs bill today. 

President Obama should be ashamed.  The nation expected more; the nation needed more from and he let us down.  And sadly, with 14 months more to Obama's term, this likely won't be the last disappointment.  However, there are 10 reasons why President Obama should be ashamed of himself.

1.  Breathtaking Hypocrisy and Outright Lies

2.  Misleading America's Young While Loading them with Crushing Financial Burdens

3.  Blame Game and Class Warfare Mongering

4.  Pandering to Union Interests at the Expense of Taxpayers

5.  Betraying Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Vision of Race Relations

6.  Betraying our Founding Father's Vision of this Nation

7.  Refusing to Benefit from OJT and Improving his Job Skills

8.  Setting Back Race Relations and Perceptions of Black Americans

9.  Crushing Small Businesses

10.  Making America Look Foolish on the World Stage

Breathtaking Hypocrisy and Outright Lies.  Time and again,Americans have seen Obama--the hypocrite--on display.  Whether it was the 2011 State of the Union Address where he called for an end to partisan bashing and blame gaming--then immediately began to point the finger of blame, or whether it was as recently as this week when he talked about the need for large corporations to pay their "fair share" of taxes. 

Of course, "fair share" doesn't apply to FOO (Friends of Obama), so it's ok for him to have Jeff Immelt of GE sitting near the First Lady as a guest of the President.  GE, the epitome of crony capitalism, received billions in government subsidies and did not pay any taxes last year, thanks to an army of tax lawyer sharpies.   Yet there sat the GE’s Immelt, next to Michelle Obama as the President talked about the need to eliminate preferential treatment from politically connected corporations.  Shame on Obama.

Misleading America's Young While Loading them with Crushing Financial Burdens.   Obama likes to talk about Winning the Future (WTF), implying that he is laying the groundwork for a splendid future for America's young, "preparing our children for a world where the competition has never been tougher".   Yet, Obama ignores his own policies which have burdened the young with crushing debt, making it more difficult for them to compete.  

Indeed, as a result of Obama's growth in government spending, we must now borrow 40 cents of every dollar spent, creating a multigenerational debt that our children and grandchildren will inherit.  Currently, each child in America has over $47,000.00 that they must repay as a result of out-of-control government spending.  Of course, that amount grows greater each minute.  Shame on Obama.

Blame Game and Class Warfare Mongering.  President Obama deliberately fans the flames of partisan politics, pointing the finger of blame at his political opponents at every opportunity, even as he chastises Americans for inflammatory language.  Nor does he chastise his own team members, such as VP Biden, when calling political opponents, such as Tea Party members, with different policy positions,terrorists

Obama never fails to mention "millionaires and billionaires" in each of his speeches, though many of the folks he refers to are families that earn $250,000 per year.  Obama knows that class warfare works--it worked in France in 1789; it worked in Russia in 1914; it worked in Cuba in 1953, and now he's hoping it'll work in the U.S. in 2011.  Shame on him.

Pandering to Union Interests at the Expense of Taxpayers.   Most of Obama's "Jobs" speech was a paean to organized labor.  The faux-jobs speech was filled with references to union pandering, from construction projects with mandatory Project Labor Agreements (PLA) agreements, to teacher's unions, to trade protectionism, to just having Richard Trumpka (AFL-CIO) sitting next to Michelle Obama during the address.

Betraying Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Vision of Race Relations.  Reverend King urged advancement based on "content of character" rather than "color of our skin", but Obama's advancement to the top job in the nation is clearly a function of skin color.  He is not qualified for the job.  Furthermore, the state of the U.S. dollar, the nation's economy and the unemployment numbers--after thirty months--stand as proof, and no amount of whitewashing from Dems can disguise Obama's colossal inadequacy.

Betraying our Founding Father's Vision of this Nation.  They never said it was going to be easy.  In 1787, Benjamin Franklin said that what men on this continent had fought for, died for and built was "a republic, if you can keep it."  But this charge requires all Americans to understand that the Founding Fathers were not promising anything other than the opportunity to pursue life, liberty and happiness--there are no guarantees.  Yet, at every opportunity Obama doubles down on his desire to make Americans more dependent upon government.  Certainly, adding another 52 weeks to the currently unsustainable 99 weeks of unemployment compensation was never in the Founding Father's vision of a self-supporting, self-sustaining nation.

Refusing to Benefit from OJT and Improving His Job Skills.  This is America, the land of upward mobility.  Okay, so Obama got a job for which he was unqualified and Americans suffered as Obama experimented with theoretical, academia-embraced, Keynesian economic experiments at taxpayer expense.  The problem is that Obama remains unqualified and has refused to learn from his mistakes.  Despite wasting $787 billion taxpayer dollars on "infrastructure" and "shovel ready" projects that were a sham, in his faux-Jobs speech, Obama is coughing up the same retreads as his proposed solution to our nation's problems.

Setting Back Race Relations and Perceptions of Black Americans.  Anyone, from Rush Limbaugh to Republicans in Congress who has an honest policy dispute with Obama is accused of racism.  Whether the Cambridge police department or the Tea Party, Obama and his team never confront honest criticism and divergent opinion, but resort to the tactics of bullies, throwing incendiaries such as claims of "racism" whenever Obama's policies are questioned.  It never seems to occur to Obama that he might just be wrong. 

Taking refuge by claiming his critics are racists is shameful and denigrates the honest struggles of Americans that confronted and largely defeated racist attitudes in our nation’s history.  A more honest assessment of “racism” in America would admit that the charge of  "racism", in recent months, has been grossly misused, often by those within the Black community, who crank up the "racism" machine to attack any who oppose Obama's ideas.

Crushing Small Businesses. Obama has no understanding of the challenges facing small businesses.  Most of his team has never worked outside of government or academia.  Few, if any, have ever created a business.  Confiscatory taxes, excessive government regulations, confusing guidance, and class warfare mongering are crushing small businesses and making them unwilling to expand or create new jobs.

Making America Look Foolish on the World Stage.  Whether Obama likes it or not, America is the leader of the free world.  This position has been achieved through the sweat of countless millions of Americans, both present and past, and through the blood and sacrifice of generations of Americans in wars, fought to keep our freedom.  The world has been in awe of this "great experiment", as Alexis de Tocqueville described it over 200 years ago. But not our president who refuses to acknowledge America's exceptionalism.

Shame on Obama indeed. 

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