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AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Editor's Note: This column was co-authored by Jim McCoy.

Many are wondering who all these protesters are around the country who are lending their implicit, if not explicit, support to the rioting and looting taking place. If you have paid close attention to the video footage over the past three weeks you may have concluded, as have we, that at least two-thirds of them are white kids between the ages of 16 and 40. Yes! White kids!


Now the dishonest CNNBC and left-leaning media would have you believe that they are simply passionate about ending the systemic racism that has plagued America for so long and only burn, loot and harm shopkeepers and police officers to further a socially just cause.

A strong case can be made that these young social justice charmers are bored Gen Z and young Millennials who, when given the chance to get out and not have to social distance, jumped at the opportunity to attack the social structure which supports them, but in which they are essentially incapable of functioning at a meaningful and productive level.

Yes, most are left leaning liberals, a gift from their parents and their college indoctrination while the real adults in the nation foot their college loan debt.

Indeed, this demographic might be the true dreamers in the United States today. They dream of income without responsible employment, and voice without responsibility. They dream of the redistribution of wealth because they have never accumulated, and probably never will, any wealth.  Not by circumstance or fate, but by choice. They choose to live off the government or their parents, or both when possible. They dream of a Supreme Court which endorses a society void of individual decency or accountability. It is their constitutional right to do whatever they please no matter how many people they hurt. They dream of a socialist nation, because that takes the pressure off achieving something on their own. The sanctity of life, property and personal rights of others mean nothing to them. Individually and collectively, they have little or no meaningful understanding of history, political and legal systems, or principles of finance and economics. They are the perfect caricatures of indoctrination by the left and liberal Democrats, joining their socialist cause.   


One of us, a survey research professor, conducted a convenience sampling of media stories about the riots; examining the online pictures of the rioters including those presented by CNN, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post, New York Times, Washington Post and Fox News. Of the individuals whose faces could be discerned, 66 percent of the rioters/protesters were white, 28 percent were black, and 6 percent were Latino. The oldest person recorded may have been 55 but 94 percent were clearly 40 years-of-age and most, much younger. You may have seen a different phenomenon, but we sincerely doubt it.

In other words, if these protesters represented U.S. voters (and most of the biased mainstream media newscasters will tell you they do), the firm who assembled the sample should have the American Association for Public Opinion Research withdraw their credentials or better yet, be sent to China to work for Premier Xi and the CCP. It is totally disingenuous to believe that this group represents anything about mainstream America, either demographically or ideologically. They are just bored, spoiled young people, either incapable of, or choosing not to, exercising higher order thinking skills, pretending to be woke and relevant when the nation finds itself most vulnerable on several fronts.

Many of these same neo-mobsters who looted and burned are now being seen tearing down or desecrating statues of American historical figures. Some believe that these unsophisticated activists are actually being paid by George Soros. Pravda on the Bay’s (Tampa Bay Times’) fact-checker organization Politifact cleverly insists that Soros’ DOES NOT fund violence. AND Magazine argues the fact that indeed Soros money has helped fund the George Floyd protests and rioting. Nonetheless, it turns out that while Soros may not “directly” fund protesters, he is the Chairman of Open Society Foundation (OCF) and his son, Alexander, is the Global Board Member which spreads significant Soros largess to a variety of community organizing groups, like Law for Black Lives, Center for NuLeadership on Human Justice and Healing, Campaign to #DefundNYPD For #NYCBudget Justice and The Community Resource Hub for Safety and Accountability. What they do with OSF money that comes from Soros remains purposely opaque and undefinable. Clever!


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