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My Experience Leaving President Trump's RNC Acceptance Speech

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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

My name is Lori Klein Corbin and I’m currently serving on the board of the Republican National Committee as the Arizona National Committeewoman. I was so proud to be invited to attend the acceptance speech by our President Donald J. Trump along with our Arizona delegation while at the RNC meeting in Charlotte on August 23rd.  Our whole delegation immediately changed our return home date to attend this historic event on the White House lawn on Thursday, August 27.  

After spending two nights at one of my girlfriend’s apartment in Pentagon City, I thought it would be wise to book myself a hotel across from the White House and since the Willard, one of my favorite hotels, had a fantastic deal rate, I booked two nights coming in on Wednesday and leaving Friday. Little did I know that upon leaving the White House grounds around midnight that I, along with three other couples, would be surrounded and verbally and physically accosted by an angry mob of violent thugs screaming vile and obscene names at us. No police were there between us and the angry mob. We tried to stay together and had to divert ourselves to the Washington Hotel – which was a little closer than the Willard – which was completely blocked by so-called protestors, although it was only a block from the White House.

One of the men in our group was hit in the face by a mob member. I don’t want to call them protestors as they were not protesting. They were vile and acting like monsters and animals, not peaceful protestors but leftist agitators. They got right in my face, spitting, calling me every name in the book because I love my country, have been a conservative activist for over 40 years and support freedom and my president by attending a White House event. These radical leftist so-called "protestors" were screaming not only hate to me and my race, my president and my sex, and threatening physical violence, but threatening to burn down and destroy my beloved country that they claim is revile and hateful. I was sickened and have never been more afraid of being physically attacked. I realized, there was no reasoning with this wall of hatred so I did not look any of them in the eye nor did I utter a word but kept moving forward with our surrounded small group until we made it into the lobby of the Washington Hotel.

Upon feeling relatively safe in the Hotel Washington, the two remaining couples and myself asked for help from the front desk to get to our respective hotels. Unfortunately, the hotel staff were rude and not helpful when I asked if there was any way I could go underground to my hotel on the corner or get escorted to my hotel. They refused any assistance. The other two couples were staying at the Sofitel and Trump International. So, we planned to camp out in the lobby until we could get help going to our respective hotels. All of a sudden, a man came into the lobby and said that there was a driver out front who would take us to our hotels for $50 each. We all said "Yes!" This life saver turned out to be none other Karl Rove's personal driver. He saw us being harassed, accosted and asked if he could help us. So, he drove the couple from Queen Creek, Arizona to the Sofitel and then the driver let me off on 14th Street and kindly escorted me to the entrance of my hotel at 1:00 am. I then recalled while sitting in the lobby on Thursday what appeared to be Antifa and BLM members checking into the Willard Hotel, something I found rather odd. Later I heard that Sen. Rand Paul also saw demonstrators checking into where he was staying at the Hotel Washington on Thursday too. So one can only surmise that someone is paying a hefty bill for protestors to be housed in hotels around the White House. As I arrived at my hotel, I checked at the front desk about arrangements to the airport Friday morning and was informed that the area around our hotel would be blocked off for about seven blocks unless I wanted to leave at 6:00 am and I had a 3:00 pm flight. So there went my plans for getting any sleep. I opted to leave when we could get a taxi at 6:00 am and at least felt safe at the airport until I boarded my flight to return home.

I never in my life thought that angry mobs comprised of radical leftists who hate America would be allowed to openly threaten to violate our rights to freely assemble without fear of violence. This happens in third world countries where the rule of law is not upheld and you have radical factions that use fear and violence to take power.  I never thought the communist factions in our country would come out of the shadows and be so emboldened by the Democratic Party and leftist media to actually terrorize cities and towns as they are doing now.  The Democratic Party has been taken over by these radicals who are using Antifa, BLM and other Marxist groups to divide and sow hatred along racial lines with the express purpose of destroying our nation and taking power. It really isn’t about Black Lives Matter, although I agree all black lives matter and all of us are God’s children and God is color blind, as we all should be. I must say that the vilest person attacking me on my way to the hotel was not black but rather a white trained agitator who, had he damaged me physically, would have been let out of jail and garner bail and a bonus by those paying for these riots like the communist, globalist George Soros. This is clearly a violent mob using terrorist tactics to generate fear to stop Trump supporters and those that clearly don’t buy into their Marxist ideals and revolutionary tactics to tear down a great nation that our Founding Father’s founded upon the ideal of all men being endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It seems there is no regard for those hollowed ideals and the left is using race to divide this nation when, as Martin Luther King enshrined that "all men are created equal and are to be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin." The violent rioters out for political power by force obviously never got the memo.

What sickens me further is that corporate America has funded BLM to the tune of $2 billion dollars to fund Act Blue to elect leftist politicians throughout our nation. Who is left to stand up for freedom and American values?   When I ran for the legislature here in Arizona I would teasingly refer to our Arizona Chamber of Commerce as the Chamber of Communists….little did I know how easily American corporations and tech giants would fall for Chinese Communist rhetoric and financial enticements against the American people and taxpayers who they now expect to mitigate their financial risk while they destroy out great nation from within by funding the radical factions out to destroy a once great nation.

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