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De Pasquale’s Dozen with’s Cameron Gray

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I have been a supporter and NRA Lifetime Member for several years (and, hopefully, several more). As such, I am a fan of’s flagship program Cam and Company and its intrepid executive producer and field reporter, Cameron Gray. The show can be seen on and heard on Sirius XM Patriot every weeknight.


Prior to joining NRA News, Gray was the executive producer and host for XM’s POTUS ’08 channel, which was dedicated to the covering the campaign trail for the 2008 election. He reported from both conventions and several Presidential debates.

Gray started his career in radio as assistant producer of the legendary G. Gordon Liddy Show, then producer of The Sports Junkies, and then at the Washington Redskins Radio Network where he produced game broadcasts. He was also operations director at DC’s infamous WJFK – home to even more infamous hosts like Howard Stern, Opie and Anthony, and The Greaseman. I could go on, but only radio nerds like me would appreciate it. When other kids were playing house, I was playing DJ and host.

During Gray’s tenure at NRA News he has interviewed everyone from Gov. Bobby Jindal to Olympic gold medalist Kim Rhode to “The Gunny” R. Lee Ermey. You won’t want to miss the next two weeks when he and the Cam and Company crew will be broadcasting live from the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention.

Each week the De Pasquale's Dozen asks political figures and free market-minded writers and entertainers to take a break from politics and talk about their pop culture obsessions.

1. If there were a television channel that showed only one movie over and over, what movie should it be?


2. What’s one of your favorite movie quotes?

"Oh, this is the worst-looking hat I ever saw. What, when you buy a hat like this I bet you get a free bowl of soup, huh? Oh, it looks good on you though."


Rodney Dangerfield as Al Czervik in Caddyshack

3. In A Clockwork Orange, Malcolm McDowell is strapped in with his eyes propped open and forced to watch images until he was "cured." If you could give President Obama, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Leader Harry Reid the "Clockwork Orange treatment," what movie would you make them watch?

Howard the Duck

4. What pop culture souvenir do you own that people would be surprised to learn that you cherish?

I caught Hulk Hogan's headband at the Richmond Coliseum in the mid-80s and still have it to this day

5. What's your current “guilty pleasure” non-news television show?

"Storage Wars"

6. What’s the best present you ever received as a child?

A Radio Shack "Realistic" cassette recorder. I used to tape the local radio stations and when the DJ started talking I took the mic and pretended I was the DJ. I still have all those cassettes of me as a kid, and the recorder itself. I guess I always knew I would be in radio.

7. What was the first rock concert you ever attended and where did you sit and who went with you?

Also at the Richmond Coliseum in the mid-80s, Bon Jovi opening up for RATT. The guy who took me was, shall we say, a guy whose neck was a shade of red. He brought 6-packs of Mickey's Malt Liquor in those glass "barrels." I drank so much he had to pull the car over for me to puke my guts out. I think that started me on the road to not being a drinker. I remember the seats were on the floor but pretty far back.

8. Tell me about one of your favorite interviews.

Advertisement Watch the beginning and that explains it all. Talking to my biggest talk radio inspiration.

9. If Republicans and Democrats had theme songs for 2012 what would they be?

GOP: "Our House" by Madness

DEM: "Living on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi

10. Tell me about your favorite teacher and how he or she influenced your life.

Bob DeGroff, my AP biology teacher. He was just such a laid back, yet super intelligent man who made you want to learn and always kept your interest. He moved from VA to CA and died a few years later. I think about him a lot.

11. What would you like tomorrow's news headline to say?

Israel and Palestine Agree to Historic Truce

12. Tell me about the moment you decided to enter the political arena.

I was working at WJFK-FM here in DC when it became one of the country's only FM talk stations. G. Gordon Liddy became the midday show, and I became the assistant producer in 1993. Liddy certainly shaped my political beliefs. I actually voted for Bill Clinton in 1992. So one can blame or thank Gordon for turning me into a conservative.

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