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Million Dollar Maher

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So the Obama Administration will probably keep the million dollars Maher sent them. Bruce Springsteen, who loses more money out of his pants pockets in a week than I’ll see in a year, is coming out swinging against the one-percenters. And Tom Hanks is doing the voice-over for an Obama video. And ABC premiered GCB’s over the weekend.

Yes, I know we’re all outraged. We’re fed up, we’re not going to take it, the Silent Majority will be silent no longer, etc. etc.

The Administration and the Hollywood elite are not responsible for this claptrap. We are. Maher, Springsteen, Hanks and Obama all have a vested interest in these things, so it should not surprise us, particularly leading up to a national election that this kind of stuff is going to continue to infest the media to the point where the needle pegs on liberal outrage. And, like it or not, the first amendment applies to everyone, not just those who agree with you and I.

So the questions we need to ask ourselves are the following:

1) Have we torn that idiot box out of the wall and sent it back to our cable or satellite provider with a note saying we don’t want any semblance of left-wing vitriol in our homes?

2) Have we stopped patronizing products promoted by these people? Have we stopped buying their albums, renting their DVDs or buying the various tie-in toys that come out in conjunction with the propaganda?

3) Have we told our local theatres that we will not but any more tickets until they cease showing cinematic garbage?

4) If we don’t like the newspapers and magazines, have stopped buying them at the newsstands and stopped visiting their websites? How many of us have started our own magazines or newspapers?

5) Have we cashiered the violent misogynistic video games, music and other assorted media in our homes?

6) For all our whining we do about GE or any other company for that matter, are we really looking for alternate products?

7) If we are really worried about leftist agendas in our schools, are we supporting alternatives to public education?

None of this stuff is easy; it will take a little effort on our parts. I myself own a big screen TV that I happen to love, and it has not been easy gutting up to find someone to haul it away. And back when I was a left winger, I could not miss my finger of scotch and Jim Lehrer. Then it became a finger of scotch and Bill O’Reilly. Then I got fed up with it all and stopped watching. And with the price of gas going up, who can afford a good single malt anymore?

That aside, all of these people who lampoon us, call us names, run us down, use vile language regarding conservative women,  spit on Christianity and engage in lies and half truths got rich because we kept giving them our money and our attention. They are capitalists themselves; otherwise they’d be on the same economic level as you and I which is to say nowhere near 250 thousand dollars a year.

I’m not talking about a rally or a massive boycott complete with breathless interviews and high-minded press releases. I’m not talking about a media campaign. Good grief, no. I’m talking about taking our money, our time and our attention and going elsewhere. Let the left rail, pontificate and lie all it wants, but let them do it to each other.

With caucuses running their course, I sure many good conservatives will be going to their local Fish and Wildlife Department to get their RINO hunting permit. But lets be realistic, how many people have we sent to D.C. who have promised to remain Washington outsiders, deficit hawks, entitlement cutters and Lord knows what else, only to fall in with one group or another, or simply get eaten up by the Beltway Machine? I’ve heard so much of the same campaign rhetoric at this point that it all sounds the same no matter who is pounding the podium in any given state.

The fault dear readers lies not with the stars or the politicians, but with ourselves. To be quote blunt, the Beltway Machine has a life of its own, and I doubt we will elect anyone who will change it on their own.

But politicians and the media, and the Hollywood and Billboard Elite are not the Gatekeepers of the Republic.

We are.

By all means, get out and vote, stump for the candidate of your choice, be involved. But in the meantime recognize that YOUR money, YOUR time and YOUR attention drive this nation. And if you walk away from the media and marketing garbage, these people will either fall in line or fall apart. 

Until then, make and support your own media, your own toys and your own message. Don’t wait for someone else to come along and get the job done for you. There has not been, is not now and never will be a candidate who can do that for you.

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