The Answer to Jihadist Prayers

Posted: Dec 10, 2015 12:01 AM

In 2011, an Afghan police officer armed with his AK-47 service rifle turned on the US Marines who were assigned to help him better protect other Muslims in his own country.

Claiming to be inspired by Allah, Mohammad Daoub launched his surprise attack by shooting and killing my friend and Marine officer Ben Palmer.

Ben was eating lunch with other Marines deployed to the civil order police compound in Helmand province.

Standing less than eight feet away, Daoub raised his rifle and shot Ben in the chest.

Before other Marines could draw their sidearms and fight back, the Afghan policeman turned jihadist then killed Sergeant Kevin Balduf.

Unlike the 2009 Islamic terrorist attack at Fort Hood in Texas -- where Army Major Nidal Hasan targeted unarmed soldiers -- Mohammad Daoub attacked Marines carrying sidearms. As a result, Daoub encountered a barrage of 9mm-handgun fire. He immediately retreated and made his way to a covered position while continuing to fire his weapon.

The Marines shot Daoub multiple times, but he held his position and continued to fight. Eventually the Marines shot Daoub enough times that he collapsed and ended the attack. Nevertheless, Daoub survived.

It is worth noting -- especially for concealed carriers -- that six out of seven people survive being shot, as most people are shot with handguns. This was the case with Daoub, and he was able to keep fighting for some time. While certainly deadly, handguns are simply not as lethal as rifles. Armed citizens need to be mentally prepared to fight.

Had the Marines been totally unarmed inside the chow hall -- like the soldiers at the Fort Hood hospital and the civilians at the Christmas party in San Bernardino -- who knows how many Marines would have died that day.

In Texas, Nidal Hasan killed 13 unarmed people and wounded 32. He was armed with a handgun. In San Bernardino, Seyed Farook and Tashfeen Malik killed 14 unarmed citizens and wounded 21. These terrorists were armed with AR-15 rifles.

As for Mohammad Daoub who attacked the unsuspecting Marines tasked with helping him and other Muslims, Daoub killed Ben and Sergeant Balduf then wounded four other Marines. The difference in total casualties speaks for itself.

Our nation’s cowards could argue that the Marines were trained to respond to such an attack and that most civilians are not. In that case, maybe we should simply encourage more Americans to serve in the military. Only 7.3 percent of today’s Americans have served in the armed forces. For men the number is 13.4 percent and for women it is just 1.4 percent.

Granted, not all military members are trained with firearms, so we should also promote providing basic firearms safety classes in public schools, as well as offering marksmanship training in high schools. This was once a common practice in America, and some schools still offer such clubs today.

I’m sure the latter proposal and reality distresses our nation’s cowards, but if teachers can show kids how to put condoms on a banana, why can’t they teach them how to put rounds on a target?

Obviously, logical proposals to remedy irrational fears of guns and cowards’ resentment of the military are subversive to the namby-pambies’ delusional vision of a utopian society.

Cowards are determined to comfort themselves with childish fantasies that laws -- not guns -- can protect them from lunatics and barbarians.

They refuse to accept reality: laws merely provide consequences; they do not prevent violent criminals from attacking innocent people.

How do the hope and feelings of our nation’s sissies stop a Muslim law enforcement agent that decides to turn jihadist? It happened to Muhammad Daoub and Nidal Hassan. It can happen to other Muslims in government, too.

If such a terrorist is armed with a government weapon, how does disarming law-abiding citizens make them safer?

Are America’s candy-asses content to sacrifice 14 citizens and risk dozens more being wounded every time a jihadist attacks? Do these numbers pacify their own irrational and anti-American gun issues? What if jihadists kill 120 unarmed citizens in one attack as they did in Paris? Will our cowards have achieved their yearning to be more like Europe?

As jihadist attacks in America have risen under Obama’s presidency, isn’t minimizing casualties a more compassionate goal than Obama’s obsession with rendering Americans defenseless?

Ben and Sergeant Balduf died trying to help Muslims. The oath they swore to defend the Constitution and America required tremendous courage. They sacrificed their lives for others.

With all the cowardly Americans who support Obama and risk nothing other than walking around unarmed, no wonder the jihadists are convinced Allah is answering their prayers.