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Killing unborn infants and harvesting their human body parts is completely legal in America. The only crime Planned Parenthood appears to have committed is selling the tiny organs on the black market.


Let’s face it. Our world is completely insane.

If Planned Parenthood doctors were just crushing the body parts of unborn babies randomly or merely ripping and sucking them apart indiscriminately, liberals and pro-abortion Americans would think this abortion scandal was all about nothing. They sincerely believe that legally killing little human beings — which they have conveniently dehumanized despite all the body parts for sale — is moral and decent.

What liberals find barbaric and disturbing is that aborted babies’ organs are being illegally sold — instead of coughed up free of charge. Liberals are so compassionate.

Since most organ donors are not permitted to legally kill 327,623 people a year and then harvest their organs like Planned Parenthood does — prohibiting traditional organ suppliers (i.e. ordinary individuals) from receiving the value their organs are worth is almost as disgusting as abortions.

The body parts of dead people are harvested every day, but abortion victims are methodically slaughtered like human livestock. Decent human beings instinctively notice that everything about abortion is demonic. It didn’t take an abortion provider to become a commercial body parts farm to figure this out.

On the other hand, what is evil about allowing ordinary people to sell their own organs?


Wouldn’t the my-body-my-choice motto that abortion activists like to chant be more accurate when it comes to supplying your own body parts, not someone else’s? Who are you to prevent others from profiting off their willingness to help people waiting for organs?

Unless organ suppliers are daring enough to venture into the world’s thriving black market for human body parts, they do not receive the going rates for what their body parts are worth. Currently, a kidney is worth about $10,000.

Wouldn’t people be more willing to supply a kidney right now if they or their families could profit from such a transaction?

The ordinary organ suppliers are capable of providing only one organ while they are alive, or they wait until they die and then have their organs harvested and turned over to help individuals on the transplant waiting lists.

What is ethical about demanding people hand over their organs for free when they are interested in supplying them? No one would be forced to take money, but undoubtedly most organ suppliers or their families could also be helped by profiting financially.

In 2008, National Geographic produced an enlightening documentary on the booming underground industry of human body parts trafficking. If the commerce were made legal, American capitalism would make it more transparent and safer. Of course, making it legal to sell body parts would do absolutely nothing to make abortion less sadistic.


The Planned Parenthood scandal exposes the abhorrent nature of an industry that slaughters unborn babies. Only society’s derelicts who have a proclivity for denying the truth didn’t see reality before the scandal, and some refuse to see it now. But just imagine the indignation and outrage liberals would have if America harvested the body parts of death-row inmates. The argument could be the murderers can also be aborted since they can’t survive in a jail cell on their own.

Normal people should recognize that Planned Parenthood’s scandal does nothing to offer justification for prohibiting ordinary individual’s and their families from profiting off their own organs. If abortion, murder, or executions are not being systematically used to harvest the parts, what is the moral issue with selling body parts?

Like everything else, human body parts are all about supply and demand. Currently the worldwide demand far exceeds the supply — driving up the black market costs for organs. In the United States alone there are more than 120,000 people on organ transplant waiting lists. Every day nearly 21 people die because the supply of organs is insufficient. This problem would be significantly reduced if our politicians would simply remove the barriers for selling body parts.

The same liberals who think Planned Parenthood has done nothing wrong would probably argue that rich people on these waiting lists would have an “unfair” advantage if we put body parts in a free market. But rich people already have an advantage. If they are willing to break the law, they can already buy body parts on the black market.


Furthermore, preventing people from selling their organs does nothing to make poor people less poor or better off in any way. It does, however, kill the people who need an organ today. Meanwhile, the poor on the transplant waiting lists would likely benefit because the price of organs would be more affordable enabling the government, charities, or religious organizations to provide for them.

Why shouldn’t America bring this industry in to the light? The issue is already highlighting people who sincerely care about the lives of others and those who only pretend to.

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