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The Obama administration has finally pinned down the first attacker in the “knockout game,” and the mainstream media has finally referenced skin color in their headlines. Twenty-seven-year-old Conrad Alvin Barrett, who is white, made history the day after Christmas by becoming the first low-life coward arrested on federal hate-crime charges stemming from his savage “knockout” crime near Houston, Texas.

Barrett’s disgusting attack left a 79-year-old man with two fractures in his jaw, as well as missing teeth. The victim, who is black, also spent four days in the hospital.

Before Christmas, the Obama administration avoided weighing-in on the exploding “knockout” epidemic plaguing the nation. The hordes of “knockout-style” crimes that have been increasing for a number of years prior to Barrett’s despicable attack have overwhelmingly involved black attackers assaulting Jewish, Asian, or white victims. But now, this surprise move by the president’s administration has dazed the nation. According to Kenneth Magidson, a U.S. attorney in Texas, “Suspected crimes of this nature will simply not be tolerated.”

But what does Magidson’s statement actually mean? “Knockout” is the crime that is called a game only in that a primary motive for the savagery is the wicked thrill of hurting someone. It is also known as “Polar Bear Hunting” in some cities because the black attackers specifically target white victims.

Do the feds merely view those attacks as just complying with the rules of that “game”? It is comforting to know those barbaric attacks are not inspired out of hate.

Regardless, unsuspecting strangers are being brutally sucker-punched by ruthless thugs, many of whom are dysfunctional juveniles. The vicious attacks have become a phenomenon of controversy over the past couple of months. Some media sources like The New York Times, CNN, and USA Today have downplayed and even dismissed the pervasiveness of the crimes perpetrated by gaggles of urban-black hoodlums like the hundreds that flash mobbed a Brooklyn mall and unleashed “knockout” on innocent victims the same day Barrett was arrested. (No arrests were made.)

The inordinate number of cases of black-on-white attacks have made numerous media sources uncomfortable, if not exasperated.

Not surprisingly, Barrett’s disgusting violence was in part related to his perplexed curiosity in mainstream news stories denying the problem. According to the FBI, the ignorant wretch wanted “to see if [he] were to hit a black person, would this be nationally televised?”

Many Americans (myself for example) might feel that justice would have been served on Conrad Barrett if his victim would have had a gun and shot Barrett at the scene of the crime. In fact, most reasonable people would agree if the cowards committing these crimes met this type of justice, the risk factor of committing these crimes might deter them before they happen.On the other hand, the president’s Department of Justice might intervene on behalf of the unarmed assailants, as it has in an incredibly bizarre way for Conrad Barrett.

The allegations regarding Barrett appear to be indisputable, so he should be severely punished. But no one is talking about the real controversy taking place. Why did the Obama administration rescue Barrett from the state of Texas?

Texas law could have punished Barrett far more harshly than federal law can. Barrett faced life in prison if prosecuted by the state of Texas, but now he only faces 10 years thanks to President Obama’s administration taking over his case.

Perhaps this is just another blunder by the president’s administration scurrying in vain to paint the president as a champion for black Americans. But ensuring their assailants are not punished too severely seems like a terrible message.

Then again, perverting the justice system makes an effective tool in creating chaos and dividing America.

All the drama about a double standard of justice is just a nice distraction from the president’s incompetent leadership and his apparent indifference for urban-black Americans. His embellished connection to their lives becomes more evident every day as he continues to patronize them.

Turning his Department of Justice loose on some white scum bag while ignoring the dysfunctional teenagers responsible for the overabundance of similar crimes might provide a sense of “payback” to bitter individuals who seek revenge for racial grievances of the past. But vengeance is wicked and chaotic (just ask Barrett’s innocent victim).

But chaos appears to be what Obama’s objective has been since the day he took office.

Concerning “knockout” crimes specifically, the president continues to ignore the more obvious lawlessness plaguing the country. Talking openly about the problems destroying urban black communities is a serious violation of political correctness, even though engaging a problem is the only way to fix it. Avoiding reality might make some people feel better, but it does not change the administration’s own crime reports from 2009.

The facts are that black criminals are seven times more likely to commit murder and eight-times more likely to commit robbery than criminals from other races.

These facts are not a condemnation of anyone but black criminals. Regardless, the evidence that their chaos is destroying urban black communities is obvious. But the facts also raise questions about cultural values of some people in urban-black communities, and there lies the problem that political correctness forbids anyone to discuss. Freak and repulsive crimes like Barrett’s merely camouflage a bigger problem momentarily.

In the left’s condescending vision of the world, all Democrat minorities are victims. Holding individuals responsible for their own terrible decisions has never been politically correct. Consequently, everyone -- black or white -- who tries to address the counterproductive values in urban black communities will be condemned. When people are not talking about the mayhem, liberals feel better about themselves. But the urban-black Americans who are victimized by the bedlam criminals impose on their communities remain out of sight, out of mind, and still in danger.

Compounding the problem is the twisted irony that political correctness peddles. Multiculturalism is not intellectual enlightenment; it is a foolish ideology that keeps Americans divided.

America became great because diverse people came together and shared their most productive traits and moved away from their counterproductive habits. However, multiculturalists insist that everyone just ignore the self-destructive qualities destroying urban-black communities. This is how liberals show their concern for urban-black Americans.

Additionally, liberal bigotry holds white criminals to a higher standards than black criminals. Even white racists like Conrad Barrett are expected to know better than to act out violently on their ignorant beliefs. That white criminals are the majority of hate crime offenders is proof of the low expectations liberals have for black criminals.

The charges filed against Barrett merely highlight the Obama administration’s low expectations for the black criminals hunting female and elderly “Polar Bears.” To liberals, expecting anything more than racist violence from urban-black youths is now just bigoted, conservative intolerance.

Whether the flash-mob media fans this divisive spark a lone white loser started by wondering if his savage crime would make the national news remains to be seen. But the “overblown myth” of black-on-white violence continues.

In the meantime, President Obama continues to fail all Americans.

But, hey, as long as the media is not talking about black hoodlums victimizing anyone -- especially other black Americans in their own communities -- President Obama can enjoy his vacation in Hawaii.

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