Pro-Choice on the Second Amendment: The Real Right to Choose

Posted: Oct 15, 2013 3:00 PM

If domestic violence, rape, or murder were to threaten 40 percent of the nation’s women like irresponsible pregnancies do, perhaps America might finally own up to which political party empowers women and which party merely patronizes them.

In fact, Colorado’s recent recall elections involving anti-gun politicians are bringing light to this reality.

After the state’s Democrats restricted guns and ammo this year, liberals all the way to the White House gloated that Colorado was the new model of common sense infringements on the Second Amendment. But grassroots organizations like “I Am Created Equal,” a women’s rights group in Colorado Springs, united with other gun supporters, and they are fighting back.

Clearly, women in the Centennial State scored a significant victory when they booted the arrogant, gun-grabbing Democrats John Morse and Angela Giron from office.

Now, just a few weeks from those victories, gun supporters have another anti-gun Democrat, Evie Hudak, sweating bullets. Hudak made headlines by insulting rape victim Amanda Collins during a hearing in March for what are now Colorado’s strict gun laws. Hudak belittled Collins for wanting the right to protect herself with a gun.

To this point, anti-gun Democrats across the country who swooped in with money to save Morse and Giron (folks like billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg) have hoped that people outside Colorado do not understand that though the incumbents had enjoyed a 6:1 spending advantage and far more name recognition, the first two recalls still blew up in their faces.

Furthermore, in their effort to empower women prior to the gun supporters’ smashing victory, Democrats employed a despicable political tactic. Morse and Giron supporters tried desperately to rebrand the recall as a right-wing attack on women. The group “We Can Do Better, Colorado” painted the GOP opponents, Bernie Herpin and George Rivera, as cavemen ready to drag women by their hair away from abortion clinics simply because the two men fight for the rights of unborn infants. Fortunately, responsible and self-reliant women did not buy the nonsense.

Despite the drama, reality exposed the recall’s most offensive images -- which were the Democrats’ condescending view of self-reliant women and leftists recommending women urinate on themselves to fend off rapists.

With that fatuous support in mind, Coloradans responded to the Left’s gun grab with a resounding national statement that they value their right to bear arms almost as much as Nancy Pelosi’s Colorado abortion disciples worship Planned Parenthood.

Face it. The Democrat Party does not believe guns should be a choice. The party’s position is that choice means one thing: abortion.

But for most Americans, just comprehending the convoluted decision that the Constitution provides a right to employ a doctor to dismember or to chemically fry an infant inside a mother’s womb requires a level of mental jujitsu reserved for Liberal Supreme Court Justices (and mentally ill criminals against whom guns, not abortions, provide protection).

On the other hand, the Second Amendment needs no Supreme Court help to provide women a choice to arm themselves. For one thing, the words “the right to bears arms, shall not be infringed” are literally in the Constitution. Moreover, the Second Amendment does not interfere with anyone else’s rights, freedoms, or opportunities.

Abortion, on the other hand, certainly deprives unborn-healthy infants of all three.

Again, the Second Amendment is diametrically opposite. The one exception to anyone suffering repressed opportunities comes at the expense of criminals. But who in their right mind whines about the rising number of incarcerations amidst falling crime rates? If you said, Democrats, move to the front of the line.

Promoting rights and opportunities for those who rape and murder women is a cause shared only among Democrats -- the same party with a serial obsession to strip women of their choice of how they defend themselves and their families.

Of course, not all women who support abortion oppose the right to bear arms. But this fact only highlights how the Second Amendment is intended for all Americans and how abortions are not.

In spite of that, the enigma of how so many women have blindly devoted themselves to the Democrat party that discounts their right to defend themselves with a firearm against rapists -- who do present a stumbling block in a pro-life argument -- remains a challenging riddle to unscramble.

Part of the answer, however, likely lies in the fact that liberals have long fed women and young girls a steady diet packed with a self-absorbed fantasy that a woman’s professional aspirations or merely her personal desires matter more than the pre-birth stages of a developing infant’s life. Anyone subjected to this never-ending lie for long enough risks believing it eventually. It is a practice often used in cults. It is also commonly referred to as brainwashing.

And speaking of brainwashing, does the public education system not replay the pro-abortion message non-stop for twelve years? When, if ever, does the the Second Amendment receive such favorable coverage in a classroom? In fact, can little boys even talk about firearms within ear shot of little girls at school anymore without being expelled? Kids cannot even daydream about guns at school without being punished. Yet the defenders of the Second Amendment remain the ones branded “extremists.” If today’s realities were not so sad, they might be funny.

No matter what spin the Left comes up with in the future about commonsense gun control, only Republicans and Libertarians fight against stripping women of their right to choose how they defend themselves and their families.

And only Republicans (as a party) fight to ensure that the lives of unborn-developing little girls are never considered less valuable than endangered rodents or plants.

So how did Democrats like those in Colorado who promote an immoral practice like abortion and campaign to disregard a woman’s right to choose how she protects herself become the noble champions of women’s rights? The left is simply dangerously effective at exploiting women and other special interest minorities for votes while hoodwinking far too many in to believing the Democratic Party is looking out for them.

But with friends like liberals and progressives (or whatever they call themselves today), who needs enemies?

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