The Gun Control Debate Requires No Statistics

Posted: Dec 08, 2015 12:01 AM

Don’t get into a statistical fight with Leftists regarding guns. The internet is saturated with data that has been tinkered with enough to provide them with “evidence” that gun control “works”.

The good news is that one need not cite any statistic to put death-wish Liberals in their place regarding gun ownership and usage. Instead, there are just ten simple and provable facts one can throw in the face of any beta-boy dressed in his pajamas, while he discusses healthcare with a cup of fair trade hot chocolate in his mittened hands.

The goal is simple: get them to admit that what they want is gun confiscation, and in the process, demonstrate that this will never happen. Watch with glee as their vision of Utopia crumbles (again) before their eyes, before cognitive dissonance takes over and forces them to de-friend you.

1) Gun ownership is a Constitutional right that will not be overturned by legislation, the courts, or a constitutional amendment. Ever. The last attempt, and the first one in 70 years to be heard by SCOTUS, was a resounding failure.

2) “Reasonable” restrictive legislation at both the state and federal level have been passed, but will always have limits, because they will face Constitutional challenge if they go too far. They have, and have been overturned.

3) California has the most restrictive gun laws in the nation and they made no difference in San Bernardino. No further restrictions would make any difference, because….

4) There are 357 million guns in the USA (okay, so I used one statistic). With so many guns in the nation…

5) No amount of restrictions will ever prevent someone from obtaining a firearm if they want one badly enough.

6) Restrictions only harm law-abiding individuals, depriving them of any ability to defend themselves. Criminals don't obey laws, and neither do terrorists.

7) Any attempt at confiscation not only violates the 2nd Amendment, it violates the 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendments. Not only will such foolish legislation never pass, but if it ever did, it would be struck down before you could pull the trigger on enforcement, which itself would end in bloodshed vastly exceeding that caused by “mass shootings”. Since Liberals want to take away people's rights in this instance without due process, why not just throw everyone in jail while they are at it?

8) Gun confiscation would never work anyway, because of Facts 4 and 5.

9) Even if confiscation occurred, it will accomplish nothing, because anyone who wants to kill people will do so, whether with guns, kitchen cutlery, explosives, or leaf blowers.

10) Any Liberal who finds themselves faced with an armed criminal would, at that moment, wish that either they or someone nearby, was armed.

That’s it. Ten simple facts. You can add a bonus if you like. Every time Obama talks about gun control, gun sales rise.

Why do Liberals want to eliminate guns so badly? Why do they reach for statistics to try and prove their point? Why do they engage in rank hypocrisy? Why claim that they want gun control “even if it saves just one life”, while simultaneously claiming that abortions should be legal?

It always goes back to the Leftist desire for Utopia, where bad things never happen. The only way to prevent bad things is to control everything. The only way to control everything is to strip power away from the individual who cannot be trusted, and hand it to the State, which uses force to control everything, and stamp out anything that is different.

It is, to paraphrase Evan Sayet, a Kindergartener’s vision of the world.

Bad things happen. Our natural desire is to control things.

If Leftists want to control something, then identify those people most likely to commit violent acts, and attempt to prevent them from doing so. Let's start with doing away with the PC nonsense of denying that Jihad is here in America, and let our Intelligence and Law Enforcement services do their jobs.

Of course, that would require “profiling”, which is “racist”. In Utopia, there is no racism because everyone is equal. Because everyone is equal, there can never be any such thing as a “radical Muslim”.

Except there are. And they are here. With guns. And bombs. And they want to kill us all, including the Utopians.

Which is why I prefer to be a “racist” with a gun, then a PC Liberal with a flower being pried from my cold, dead hand.