Ted Kennedy Was Right

Posted: Jun 08, 2014 12:01 AM
Ted Kennedy Was Right

In 1983 Ted Kennedy said “Today’s Moral Majority may become tomorrow’s persecuted minority.” His host, Jerry Falwell, often said U.S Christians would be persecuted. Their prophecy, now fulfilled, forces Christians and their Jewish allies to make great choices of faith.

Things have come a long way since Kennedy’s 1983 speech at Liberty Baptist College (now Liberty University). The leftists claimed to merely want acceptance and a place at the table. Now, when they are at the table, they seek to exclude others such as the Masterpiece Cake Shop which is being forced to make wedding cakes for ceremonies they religiously object to. In an Orwellian twist the cake shop employees, including the 87 year old mother of the owner, must undergo sensitivity training and submit quarterly reports to the government on their “progress.”

The leftists who preach diversity are not interested in diversity. Like many policies, leftist beliefs came to fruition with ordinary people believing in the good intentions of such proposals. However as John Kennedy Jr. pointed out in a late 1990’s issue of George magazine, even good laws have unintended consequences. How much worse it is then for those laws and ideologies that have a twisted focus led by intolerant leaders.

The left betrayed people and now the people are going to suffer more and more for their beliefs, for the leftists leaders do not want to see a diversity of opinion. They merely used diversity as a power ploy. When leftist leaders were brought to the table they showed that they were not interested in merely gaining a seat but taking the table over; without regard for their own rhetoric.

How interesting that the leftist leaders seldom call out the biggest anti-gay, anti-feminist group i.e. radical Islam for being anti-gay or anti-feminist. Instead they paint peace loving Christians and Jews as the enemy as opposed to people who feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and help people to see their inherent worth before God, regardless of what man says. You would think, by listening to the leftist leadership, that Christians and Jews are the biggest threat to civilization. The leftist leadership does this because they are concerned about power and little else. They know that Christians and Jews overwhelmingly turn the other cheek.

You don’t see Christians and Jews beheading women. The extremists who, albeit rarely, use violence in regards to abortion are universally condemned by even “the vast right wing conspiracy.” Of course, the left points out a few examples in a nation with over 300,000,000 people and uses those few as fact while ignoring the many women whose lives were saved by the overwhelming number of peaceful protestors who talked, and loved, their moms outside abortion clinics.

Leftist leadership takes advantage of the peaceful nature of Christians and others. Catholic priests are forbidden by the administration to read certain parts of announcements from their diocese in military pulpits. The Hobby Lobby case, wedding photographers sued to being photograph weddings that contradict their religious beliefs, and the Benham brothers being dismissed because of their religious beliefs, are but the latest in the Christian persecutions in this country.