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Stephan Savoia

It's one thing for Joe Biden to put the disposition of his soul at risk on a regular basis by championing abortion and other policies that put him directly at odds with the Catholic Church's dogmas. It's an entirely different problem when he misrepresents the Church's teachings on such matters, misleading potentially millions of Catholics into thinking they can defy the Church and still be devout Catholics in good standing. 


And make no mistake, when Joe Biden continues to repeat that he is a devout Catholic (a statement he and his communications team repeats over and over and over again like it's more of a campaign slogan than a description of faith), he is positioning himself as a lay-spokesman for what the Church represents. 

That's the devilish deal he is making when he uses his religion as a political prop. Inspired by the Kennedy brothers in the 1960s, Biden has utilized the dirty dogmas of identity politics to try and secure the Catholic vote in the same way politicians cynically look at locking down the black vote, Latino vote, or any other ethnic group that can easily be exploited by a cynical partisan. 

Back in Biden's day, the Catholic vote was seen as another ethnic group mostly made up of politically active Irish and Italian Democrats along the East coast. You evoke the Kennedys and talk about your Catholic faith, and you're sure to get the Knights of Columbus to work on your campaign.

But constantly proclaiming his devout Catholicism makes him a de facto representative of the Church here in America. And when he scandalously misrepresents some of the fundamental dogmas of the faith, he is guilty of deliberately leading others to salvation doom.

Biden's latest disinformation campaign occurred when he angrily corrected a reporter's question about the US bishop's position on funding for abortion.


In his typical fashion, he tried to shout down a reporter who dared to challenge his knowledge of the Church's teachings. Like the bully he is, he swaggered through the exchange by shouting a complete falsehood and even dragged the Pope into the equation. 

Credit should be given to the US Catholics who didn't waste any time putting out a statement clarifying the record. In this case, clarifying the record means exposing Biden's lie. 

The Catholic Church has been clear and consistent in this teaching. The Catholic bishops of the United States are united in our commitment to life and will continue to work as one body in Christ to make abortion unthinkable. As the Holy Father, Pope Francis, has said, ‘It is not right to ‘do away with’ a human being, however small, in order to solve a problem. It is like hiring a hitman.’ Taxpayer funding of abortion would force people of good conscience to participate in this grave evil against their will. It would contradict our right to live in accord with the tenets of our faith. Our nation is better than that. I pray that we will protect every child no matter his or her age, and open our hearts to respond to mothers in need with love and support rather than the violence of abortion.

But this goes beyond just a "fact check" of a politician's lies. Let's face it, we're used to Biden lying. He does it all the time. He's done it for most of his 50-year career in politics.

And let's be clear, he's not just lying so he can pretend to be Catholic. He's lying so he can give cover to all Catholic Democrats out there who are uneasy with their party's position on abortion. If American Catholics realize the grave sin that goes along with supporting Democrats who actively promote abortion on demand, then a lot of Democrat votes disappear overnight. And Democrats like Biden can't have that. All they care about is votes. So if lying about the Church's doctrine can secure nominal Catholics who oppose abortion but vote Democrat out of habit, then so be it.


I get it; that's typical American politics. Say what you have to say to lock in those votes and win the election. 

Biden's lies about abortion are so much more insidiously evil than just your typical politician trying to fake his way into a certain group by posing like he's one of them. This isn't merely Hillary Clinton claiming to love the Yankees after saying she was a lifelong Cubs fan for her entire career. 

Biden's lies about the Catholic faith and doctrine have much larger consequences. Lies about his Catholic faith are much more damaging for innocent Catholics who sadly don't know any better.

Biden's depraved misrepresentation of Catholic teaching will lead those Catholic Democrats who don't vote Republican because their parents had a picture of John Kennedy right next to Jesus Christ in their doorway straight to eternal damnation.

Clearly, the American bishops are reticent to speak as plainly as this column lays the dilemma out. But they need to. They're concerned that they'll lose more souls by appearing to use the faith for political purposes. They're afraid that by speaking the truth about Joe Biden's misrepresentations of the faith, they'll lose on the fence Catholics who think the bishops are choosing sides in American politics.

I think that's a very real concern, and I recognize the danger, but it's not the bishop's fault that they've been put in this position; it's Biden's.

By constantly proclaiming how devout he is and at the same time proclaiming that the Church is just fine with his bloodlust for abortion, he is single-handedly leading more un-catechized Catholics astray than the devil himself. 


And it's time for the bishops to say it just like that. 

It appears Joe Biden's soul is already lost, but there's no reason why he should drag down so many millions of Americans with him. 

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