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The Three Stooges of Democrat Treason

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In case you missed it, over the weekend, we had the three stooges of Democrat treason on CNN. That would include Adam Schiff, who used his position as chair of the Intelligence Committee and ranking member during the Devin Nunes chairmanship as a weapon to attack Donald Trump, supporters of Donald Trump, and lie to the media about "evidence" he saw with his eyes, but no one else could possibly see it because he's so special. Schiff also lied repeatedly about the impeachment and the whistleblower. He, of course, was recently removed from the Intelligence Committee by Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Along with him was Eric Swalwell, who literally was in bed with a Chinese spy and has also been removed from his position on the Intelligence Committee. And then there's Ilhan Omar, who has a string of anti-Semitic statements that she continues to make and stand by, and she has been removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The three of them appeared together with Dana Bash on CNN. And...well, I want you to tip-toe through this interview with me because there's plenty to discuss.


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