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Maybe I'm crazy... but it doesn't seem like the very best political strategy to give your opponents exactly what they've always wanted and get absolutely nothing at all in return. Again, I'm just a columnist and radio/TV host, but it just doesn't seem wise to me. 


And yet, this is exactly what is currently being proposed by North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis (the extra "H" in his first name does NOT stand for "Hopelessly brilliant," apparently) with his insane amnesty proposal. 

According to an examination done by our pals at the Heritage Foundation, the Democrats will get the following:

And Senator Mensa rationalizes all of this because he gets Title 42 reinstated at the border by Biden's HHS to keep illegal immigrants from crossing under the guise of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

"We want to seal the border. We want to prevent 2 million crossings every year, and with Title 42 going away, potentially many, many more than that. We want to protect our Border Patrol agents. We've lost one this week that was trying to go after some of the people that you just described. They're evading Border Patrol. They're not presenting themselves for asylum," he told Fox News yesterday.

So, let's get this straight... in exchange for granting Democrats every possible thing they could ever imagine in amnesty and chain migration and increased visas and new mass immigration importation centers, Republicans get... what now? 


We get the Biden Administration promising to enact an HHS provision that could be used to keep people out due to a pandemic that is over? 

I have a little secret that Mr. "Cerebral" Tillis from the Tar Heel State should absorb: It's the Biden Administration's SWORN DUTY to enforce the border and keep illegal aliens from crossing. They don't CARE about Title 42, and they don't care about enforcing the border. It's ALREADY THE LAW to protect the border from millions of illegal crossings, and they've ignored it... FOR YEARS, THOM!

What in hell makes the senator think that his little altruistic negotiation that will lead to an incoherent Biden signing ceremony will somehow compel this administration to finally have any respect at all for our border and immigration laws?

What have they done over the past four years that would indicate that if you just work with them and grant them the amnesty they demand, they'll follow existing law? 

Let's be crystal clear here because clearly someone in Tillis' office needs to read this for him so he can understand: 

The border was secure, and we had hardly any crossings as of January 2021... then, when Biden was sworn in, the border protection collapsed, and the illegals flooded in. It had nothing... nothing... NOTHING to do with Title 42 or the pandemic. Biden ordered the Border Patrol to stand down and stop doing its job. 


And, whenever pressed on the issue, he would say that Republicans needed to step up and give him amnesty. Then and only then would he consider following the law. 

Now, does that sound like someone you can trust in a negotiation? 

Biden ruined the border, and Tillis is now trying to play ball with this guy to merely get him to do about 10% of his job. 

We do not need any new laws regarding border protection. The laws already exist. Biden is ignoring them. And Thom the Tool Tillis is rewarding him for ignoring our border laws by giving him exactly what he's always hoped for: Amnesty for the "Dreamers." 

I'm sure once they get this little amnesty package, they'll be happy, won't ask for any other amnesty for any other illegal aliens, they'll build the wall, they'll deport criminal aliens, and will stop calling Thom Tillis a xenophobic racist. Yeah, that's just what they'll do.

Great strategy, Thom. Your primary is in four years. We'll see you then. 

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