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I'm still digesting this week's stunning news that the Supreme Court is poised to reverse the legal and moral abomination known as Roe v. Wade. Those of us who have waited decades for this moment should be cautiously optimistic, if not downright ecstatic, at the news, considering the deceitful and nefarious way it was delivered. 


So, while we wait for the salvation of untold millions of innocent lives to be saved by judicial decision, it's instructive to reflect on the decades of lies framed within the dubious label of "political rhetoric" that the abortion enthusiasts wail in the streets over their perceived "right" to kill a nascent human life. 

They presented themselves from the beginning as merely being "pro-choice" with a tawdry, cynical glimmer of libertarianism weaved into their message. 

This writer, as a naive, young man raised without faith and enjoying his teens and early twenties, was susceptible to this maverick sort of "keep the government out of my bedroom" argument. As a Reagan-lover, I even convinced myself that to be purely "small government," I should also be "pro-choice" because a woman's privacy and physical autonomy fit in nicely with my libertarian instincts. 

It was, of course, a lie. 

Not only was I lied to by the proponents of abortion-on-demand, but I lied to myself. In reality, as a young man living in a libertine culture, I enjoyed the benefits of no-strings-attached physical hedonism, and if an "accident" occurred along the way... well, a "choice" would be made. 

I will never forgive myself for those years of immoral nonchalance, and I am eternally grateful that my Saviour has forgiven me. I don't deserve His mercy and grace. None of us do. 

As technology advanced and ultrasounds gave the lie to the preposterous "Oh, it's just a meaningless clump of cells" argument, champions of abortion now tried to convince us that they wanted abortion to be "safe, legal and rare." 


This was the Clinton era, so it's hard to isolate this as the biggest political lie of those shameless times, but the fact that this lie resulted in the continuation of the baby-killing should be regarded with the deepest disdain. 

Winning the presidency on the "safe, legal but rare" deception, Clinton (both of them) went on to ensure broader abortion rights, broader federal funding windows for Planned Parenthood and absolutely no insistence on increased medical regulations to make abortions more "safe." 

Of course, this was also the era where the social worker ethos switched in this country to discourage caucasian families from adopting unwanted children of color, thus forcing childless parents in America to look to China, Korea, and South America for adopted babies. This dynamic created a brand new demand for abortions, and the evil circle of deceit continued with innocent unborn babies, the horrific victims. 

Even The Atlantic recognized the cynical deception behind "safe, legal and rare," decrying the fact that the game was up when Hillary Clinton (the 2008 version) went too far emphasizing the "rare" part. How dare she? 

So Clinton did nothing about the "safe" or "rare" part and only ensured the killings would remain legal. When he was nearly forced out of office for lying under oath about his scandalous behavior with a young intern, a pro-abortion activist offered to get on her knees and personally service him for ensuring she could kill her next offspring. 

After a decade of near-clarity on the abortion issue where activists proudly "shouted" their abortions and attempted to lionize and celebrate the daily killings, the abortion enthusiasts appear to be ready to try their lies again. 


With the imminent decision that could render the Roe v. Wade decades as embarrassing and mortifying as the Jim Crow era (no worries about upending legal precedent when Crow was struck down, was there?), the pro-abortion left has begun to explain to the rest of us how "heart-wrenching and agonizing" the decision to get an abortion is for a desperate, poor and endangered young woman. 

Guess what? It's a lie. 

Well... either it's a lie, or their concurrent argument that an unborn fetus is not a developing human life is a lie. 

They can't both be true. 

Abortion enthusiasts maintain that the medical procedure they're so hell-bent on executing right up to the moment of a baby's birthday does not end a human life. And yet, they also maintain that the decision is awful, horrible and agonizing for a woman to have to make. 

No. They can't have it both ways. 

Stop lying. 

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