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Via the New York Post

Corporate legacy media colluded with the Big Tech oligarchs and the hierarchy of the Democratic Party and was aided by a cabal of former intelligence officials to meddle in the 2020 presidential election with the intention of aiding Joe Biden and harming Donald Trump. 


It isn't a conspiracy theory, it's a conspiracy fact. 

As we continue investigations into the extraordinary and unprecedented action of ignoring basic election protocols to allow a flood of mail-in ballots to be counted despite no clear chain of custody or signature verification in 2020, we don't need to look further than the recent revelations regarding the media's participation in this outrageous censorship to know that the election was irredeemably tainted. 

Last week's belated admission by The New York Times that emails on Hunter Biden's "laptop from hell" had been authenticated, serves as an embarrassing verification that the Old Gray Lady had not just missed and not just willfully ignored, but actually worked to silence and cover-up one of the most important political scandals of the past several decades. 

While their fellow journalists across town at the New York Post broke the blockbuster in October 2020, The New York Times stood by in silence as Twitter and Facebook actively deleted and blocked any links to the Post's Pulitzer-worthy investigation. Worse, their reporters regularly crowed about the dodgy nature of the story and actively embraced the false narrative that the origins of the report had Kremlin propaganda fingerprints all over it. 

Indeed, as The Times had bragged about building their entire newsroom around covering one story during the Trump presidency (the false accusations of Russian collusion in the 2016 election), they actually participated in a home-grown conspiracy of collusion and falsely deflected any criticism by labeling it the handiwork of "Putin's Puppets" in the right-of-center media. 



Shameful too are the 51 so-called intelligence community experts who signed their names to an open letter verifying the outrageous and completely evidence-free accusation that the Hunter laptop was the handiwork of Putin's nefarious schemes to tamper with our election. They were either incompetent or flat-out deceitful in putting that false notion into the media's ecosystem, and they are just as guilty of tampering with the 2020 election as the social media giants. 

The false accusation of Russian misinformation as the origin of the laptop story reached all the way up to the presidential debate in October, with Joe Biden repeating the false claim, without any push-back or fact-check from the incompetent buffoons who called themselves "moderators." 

The damage to our election is impossible to calculate. 

While the media and Democrats still cling to the notion that sainted Hillary Clinton only lost in 2016 because the Kremlin paid for a handful of Facebook ads that were critical of the Democrat's nominee (they were critical of Trump too, but never mind that), they refuse to even broach the subject of the multi-billion dollar effect of silencing, removing and, indeed, punishing every social media user who attempted to link to the Post story on their Twitter or Facebook pages. 

OK. Enough anger. Now... what to do about it? 


Here's a message to Republicans running to win majorities in the House and Senate this November: Stand for something! 

If you want to dictate the agenda in Congress, dare to tell the American people (and especially Republicans whom you wish to turn out enthusiastically for you this year) what you plan to do with the power should you be fortunate enough to obtain it. 

Let's start with congressional investigations into the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story. Subpoenas for Big Tech oligarchs' communications as to what went into their censorship decisions and whether they had been contacted by anyone from the Intelligence Community, the Biden campaign, or by leaders in the Democratic Party. 

Let's also include in those investigations hearings that call each and every one of those 51 intelligence community experts who assured the world that this story was Russian propaganda. Let's get the truth about who instigated this open letter, what kind of independent investigation they did to reach their conclusions and what cooperation they had from active members of the Intelligence apparatus to push this false claim into the very sinew of America's democratic process in 2020. 

In fact, until each one of the so-called intelligence experts comes clean and reveals the details of this fraud that was perpetrated on the American people and our very Democracy, they should have their security clearances suspended. Without those clearances, they have no clout, no access, no reputation, and... most importantly, no means of income. 


They should not have the privilege of security clearances and access to military or intelligence data if they will misuse their positions to harm our nation in the way that they did. 

Republicans should articulate this clearly and plainly so we all know what to expect after this November's election. Why not stand for something? Why not tell us what you stand for? Why not work to protect election integrity and the media monopoly on information? 

If you don't stand for these basic things, you'll fall for anything. 

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