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Make Them Pay

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Yes, the Democrats who have forced our children to wear masks in classrooms for the past year (after forcing them to lose a year of school by plowing through the "remote learning" fiasco) are starting to come around and rescind the anti-scientific, harmful policies. 


Yes, from states as Democrat-dominated as California, Connecticut, Oregon, and New Jersey, we're witnessing palpable liberation for children trapped in the government-run schools that have been mismanaged and neglected by a party beholden to the ever-powerful national teachers' union and their anti-child dictates. 

Yes, even Golden Child Stacey Abrams was forced to submit a non-apology/apology after the devastating damage done by her hideous photo-op featuring 5-year-olds with cloth strapped against their beautiful, young faces while Abrams spittle-spreading mug was left liberated from any type of barrier. 

Oh, wait, I'm sorry, she didn't apologize that she forced kids to keep their faces under wraps. She apologized for taking a picture with the kids because she had to suffer political blowback. What a queen. 

But you get the picture. The tide, it is a-turning. 

As Guy Benson elaborates in a very thorough column, it appears to be the political science, not the epidemiological sort, that's motivating the newfound interest in letting our kids breathe freely in classrooms. 

The political assumption appears to be that because polling shows just how unpopular the school masking protocols are (we're talking Biden-level unpopularity), Democrats believe they can ease the restrictions and claim to be the great emancipators of our kids, and we should all bow and be grateful for their benevolence come this November. 


Really? I don't think so.

I know, I know... we are all about to be lectured to by the morally superior "True Conservatives" (now working for CNN and MSNBC, etc.) who seemingly dispatch weekly missives on our obligation to "extend grace" and meet our friends on the left halfway so that we can unify and work together to make this nation the cooperative, one-party utopia it once was. 

Well, not only is that a load of historical bunk that presupposes a history as accurate as The West Wing accurately portrayed life in the White House, but it also denies one of the most important purposes of the democratic function of choosing our representatives and elected officials. 

Revenge. Electoral revenge. 

When your elected officials and representatives betray you and your tax dollars and even your children in the obscene and unthinkable way they have over the past two years, you must wreak revenge. You must punish them. 

You must... make them pay. 

It's not enough to shrug your shoulders and say to yourself, "Well, they finally got to the right side of this issue so let's just move on." No. It's your obligation to punish a politician for the harm done to you and your family, especially considering the nature of the harm and the arrogant defiance these politicians showed in the face of the truth and in the face of your protestations over the past year-plus of anguish.


Make them pay. 

Make them pay for ignoring the science and data we saw almost from the first months of this pandemic that showed (miraculously) that our children were not in any real danger of serious illness or death unless they also suffered from a co-morbidity... and even then, the death rates have been infinitesimal compared to other groups. 

Make them pay for continuing to force our kids to wear these masks despite the very real data showing that cloth masks made little or no difference in the transmission of the virus in schools.

Make them pay for insisting our children stay masked in school despite the mountain of studies showing the very real damage this practice does to their emotional, social and physical development and well-being. 

Make them pay for calling you domestic terrorists for exercising your right... no, your responsibility to speak out and challenge these know-nothings at school board meetings where they sit on their plexiglass encased throne of superiority, barely tolerating your 60 seconds of microphone time while they struggle with today's Wordle and barely make an attempt to appear like they're listening to you plead for your child's health and well-being. 

Make them pay for ignoring the real-time data set accumulated in Florida, where schools have been in class and free for nearly a year without any discernable sign of danger for the students or the teachers. 


Make them pay for even proposing in the first place that our youngest, developing children must sacrifice their growth and their well-being so that tenured union thugs with teaching credentials can "feel safer" when they walk into a classroom full of "walking Petri dishes" as the oh-so-caring school teachers like to call your child. 

Has any society ever forced a burden such as this on our youth so that the elderly and obese can "feel" a false sense of security from contracting a virus? Shame on us. 

But first, shame on them. They who first proposed and then implemented this nonsense, and now, grudgingly and cynically, acquiesce only to expect your gratitude and, most importantly, your vote this November.

Make them pay. It's what your vote is all about. 

Sure, I want you to vote for a candidate that you really like... that would be great. But, more importantly, I want you to vote against those who did this to our kids. 

Send a message so that this dystopia isn't even considered again. 

You know what to do.

Make them pay. 

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