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Blame Jeff Flake's Cowardice for the Kyrsten Sinema Bathroom Stalkers

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Over the weekend, several college activists and protesters stalked a sitting United States senator into a restroom to demand that she support Joe Biden's multi-trillion dollar spending spree. Not only did they storm in and scream their demands, but they filmed the senator while she tried to have a modicum of privacy in a stall. 


Wonder how following a United States senator into a public restroom could come close to being considered acceptable in our new, unified, back to norms, Biden utopia?

Ironically, it's her predecessor, former Senator Jeff Flake, who can be blamed for emboldening the radical performance artists who stalked Senator Kyrsten Sinema into the ladies' room and filmed her while she was attending to her personal, private necessities in a bathroom stall. 

Let's go back to the tumultuous days of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings in September 2018. 

Hordes of left-wing political activists had just spent days interrupting the Senate Judiciary hearings with disruptions every several minutes. Capitol police arrested 70 people on the hearing's first day of testimony. 

Through the rest of the month, the protests continued, and the halls of the Capitol were flooded with protesters, activists, disrupters and agitators, all with the knowledge and consent of Democratic senators and under the coordination of left-wing groups who openly bragged about how they were hijacking the constitutional and democratic process. 


Soon after the Kavanaugh hearings were scheduled, the Center for Popular Democracy Action worked with other advocacy groups, including the Women's March, Ultraviolet and NARAL, to urge supporters to flood the capital, Epps-Addison said.

Rachel O'Leary Carmona, chief operating officer of the Women's March, confirmed that her group had coordinated a plan to disrupt the hearings. That included offering lodging to traveling  protesters and "jail and bail support" if necessary.

Fast-forward to the 28th, when the protesters became so aggressive and disruptive that they pushed their way through a security barrier and forced their way into the "Senators Only" elevator to confront Flake. 

The activists demanded that Flake postpone the confirmation of Kavanaugh so that the unfounded and dubious claims put forth by Christine Balsey-Ford could face an FBI investigation. Flake caved and gave the very women who stormed into the elevator exactly what they wanted. 

Let's pause the story here for a moment and reflect on everything you just read. 

A horde of left-wing political activists stormed into the Capitol building and Judiciary Committee hearing room and violated several laws because they demanded to force their own political priorities into the congressional agenda even though they didn't have the majority or the votes for their cause. 


This happened a little over two years before the events of January 6. How on earth did the protesters of January 6 get the idea that if they pushed their way into the Capitol, agitated and disrupted, they'd be welcomed and allowed to continue? 

Instead of being arrested and tried for their crimes, these maniacs were celebrated. 

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez even invited one of the elevator ANTIFAs to be her guest at the State of the Union Address several months later. 

The most important part of this preamble that led us to Sen. Sinema's privacy being violated in the most despicable way is the fact that Flake caved to the women who violated his privacy and space and Senate rules by plowing into the elevator. Flake rewarded these women with his vote and support. Lesson learned.

Flake chose not to run for reelection (because he'd probably lose), and he was replaced by.... you guessed it: Kyrsten Sinema. 


The Left has learned all too well that the rules of decent society don't apply to them. 

A man plowing into a women's restroom demanding a vote on "Build Back Better" while a senator ( and other innocent bystanders) are doing their business and flushing away should be condemned by every decent and reasonable person in this country. But so should women pushing past security and forcing their way into the Senate elevator to scream at an elected official. 


If the latter is celebrated and rewarded, the former is sure to follow. 

Senator Flake (who hails from Snowflake, AZ, believe it or not) set the stage for the horrific actions against his successor, Ms. Sinema. 

Also, remarkably, as of the publication of this article, Joe Biden has not extended any level of concern or condemnation over these events that targeted a female senator from his own party. I guess until she commits to voting for his bill, Biden thinks it's acceptable to treat her this way. 

Are you loving the unity and return to norms yet? 

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