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What Happened, and What Now?

Posted: Jan 07, 2021 1:10 PM
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What Happened, and What Now?

Source: AP Photo/John Minchillo

Yesterday was a terrible and tumultuous day in the nation's capital.

What should have been a righteous and important debate on the future of our nation's elections and the integrity of every American's vote turned into a shameful, chaotic, violent display of anger that may have appeared as an explosion of pent-up frustration but should only be seen as un-American and ultimately self-defeating.

There will be plenty of opportunities to point out the outright hypocrisy of Democrats and the mainstream media for their outrage against this politically-motivated mob juxtaposed against their laudatory praise for arsonists and looters who were always described as "mostly peaceful" and whose rage must be understood and sympathized with.

But, today, I am overwhelmed with a sense of "what happened?" and, more importantly, "what now?"

As a bit of a departure from my weekly VIP content, I'd like to have you listen to a conversation I had last night with civil rights leader and newly-minted "Trump Republican" Leo Terrell. After the capitol had been secured, Leo and I spoke on KABC talk radio in Los Angeles. I think it's a good reflection on yesterday's events and the issues that still need to be addressed going forward.

God bless America.

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