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Dissecting Never Trump Dementia

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The latest video project from the "Never Trump" campaign arm of the Biden for President effort known as The Lincoln Project dwells in conspiracy theories usually reserved for the likes of Alex Jones and overnight talk radio programs whose callers are obsessed over crop circles and "remote viewing."

"Something’s wrong with Donald Trump. He’s shaky, weak, trouble speaking, trouble walking. So why aren’t we talking about this? And why isn't the press covering the president's secret, midnight run to Walter Reed Medical Center? Why do so many reporters who cover the White House contend they can't see Trump's decline? The most powerful office in the world needs more than a weak, unfit, shaky president. Trump doesn’t have the strength to lead, nor the character to admit it. We’re not doctors, but we’re not blind. It’s time we talk about this. Trump is not well."

If you want to watch the video, watch it here.

To say the Never Trump "logic" in supporting Joe Biden over President Trump in the name of conservative values has reached a new nadir in absurdity would not only be an understatement but would also be prematurely rash since it's barely June and we have a long way to go before November. 

But the argument that conservatives should pull their support from Trump over health and mental stability concerns and throw that support to Biden defies any reasonable thought. I mean... Biden?

"We are concerned about Trump's health and mental capacity so we implore you to support... BIDEN?

This guy?

Further, the idea that "it's time we talk about" and "the press isn't covering" questions about Trump's health, stability or mental acumen is beyond duplicitous, it's an outright lie. 

The press didn't cover Trump's trip to Walter Reed? Here. And here. And here. And here. And, well, look for yourself. 

Just this past weekend cable and broadcast news become obsessed with the speed and alacrity the president displayed while walking down a slick ramp in the rain at the West Point commencement. Chris Cillizza dutifully provided his analysis at CNN as to why his walk down the ramp "mattered" and late-night hosts did their duty in adding to the narrative. 

The idea that a press corps that has obsessed about everything pertaining to President Trump, including his health and mental state, is somehow ignoring it is a tad inaccurate and completely disingenuous... and these Never Trumpers know it. They don't care. 

The more crap they can throw at you the more they think they are distracting you from the demented goal they hope to achieve: To elect Joe Biden and put in place all of Biden's men and women who will radically transform this nation into the socialist utopia they're dreaming of. 

That's right. Never forget that Bill Kristol, Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt, and the whole Never Trump team are not just advocating for President Joe Biden. 

Their plan is to have Attorney General Kamala Harris. Secretary of State Bernie Sanders. Treasury Secretary Elizabeth Warren. Defense Secretary Ilhan Omar. Homeland Security Secretary Beto O'Rourke. Education Secretary Michelle Obama.

Looks like a "True Conservative" dream, right?

Don't forget Supreme Court Justice, Barack Obama. 

With all the slick ads and the sanctimony about decency and manners, the Never Trump opposition to the president boils down to the all-to-real results of their agenda: to put in place the most radical, left-wing executive branch of government in America's history that would go unchecked by the House under Speaker Pelosi and the Senate under Majority Leader Schumer. 

They hate Trump, that's clear. But the presidency they're rooting for will be populated with people who don't have much fondness for this country's founding, our Constitution, our shared values, and the principles that have made us great. 

It's really getting easier and easier to figure out who the "True Conservatives" are, isn't it? 


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