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The well-funded Never Trump Super PAC "The Lincoln Project" has officially endorsed life-long Democrat Joe Biden for president, surprising absolutely nobody. They will claim that their endorsement of Biden represents a repudiation of President Trump and his principles that are antithetical to the founding ideals of the Republican Party (hence the degrading use of Abraham Lincoln in their name and logo). 

Don't let them fool you.

Their anger and political motivation are not fueled by President Trump but by your stubborn, ignorant support of him and his policies.

Wait, did someone say "policies"? Sorry, my mistake. They take absolutely no position on policies. Nothing on their website says anything about what they would have a Biden Administration actually do. They aren't actually for anything. They are just against Donald Trump.

No, that's not true. To be fair, they are for something. They are for raising money.

The most prominent image on their website is a portrait of President Lincoln lifted from the five-dollar bill. Subtle, guys. And good old Honest Abe seems to be gazing right at that giant "Donate Now" button.

So, other than bilking people of their hard-earned money and defeating Donald Trump, they aren't really for anything. And as I stated above, they don't dislike Trump nearly as much as they despise you for supporting him, voting for him, liking him, and worst of all, ignoring their collective, inspired wisdom.

Let's explain who we're talking about. The Lincoln Project is, specifically, a group of Never Trump political figures whose vitriolic opposition to the president put them in a pretty tough economic position the day after the election in 2016.

Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, Reed Galen, Jennifer Horn, Mike Madrid, Ron Steslow and John Weaver are all identified as founding members of the group and all have the word "strategist" in their biography.

I've left out one name from the founders of The Lincoln Project who is not, to be fair, a strategist. He is a lawyer. But, he is married to a brilliant Republican political consultant: Kellyanne Conway. She successfully ran the most extraordinary political campaign of our lifetimes and currently works in the Trump Administration. Her husband's inclusion in this hate-fueled cabal is hurtful, mean and serves only to undermine Ms. Conway's brilliant work, so I shall ignore him and not further expose this painful side-show.

But, look at the others: communications strategist, political strategist, marketing strategist, Republican strategist. They all earn a living by telling candidates what to do to win an election. And they were all humiliated in 2016... by you. After election day in 2016, who's going to hire them?

Republican candidates? Well, maybe if they are also Never Trump and want to win an election in an area that is not very Trump-friendly.

Democratic candidates? Hell no. Why hire a Republican strategist if you're a Democrat?

That is, unless they can show some value to Democratic candidates. In particular, a Democrat running for president who has to find a way to win states that Donald Trump won in 2016. Ah! See? By endorsing Biden, with other people's money, they can audition their services for Biden, the DNC or maybe a Democrat Super PAC with a ton of other people's money too.

The fact is, you ruined their careers. They had a good thing going. They made a ton of money consulting for Republican campaigns and they got paid win or lose. Don't forget, Schmidt was the genius behind John McCain's 2008 presidential bid. When you refused to do what they said you'd do in 2016, they were exposed as the charlatan grifters they always were. Why hire an "expert" with no actual expertise?

They will have you believe that they are the real conservatives, they are the true Republicans. But their embarrassing, groveling endorsement of Joe Biden proves the opposite is true.

There is no more important value to the Republican Party and the conservative movement than our principled and constitutionally-rooted opposition to Roe v. Wade. And the front lines of the battle over that issue is the judiciary.

These "True Republicans" just endorsed the man who engineered the character assassination of Robert Bork. They just endorsed the man who oversaw the attempted high-tech lynching of Justice Clarence Thomas. If they had their way, Hillary Clinton would have replaced Antonin Scalia and Anthony Kennedy with justices more aligned with Sonia Sotomayor rather than Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

These "True Republicans" just endorsed the man who told an African-American audience that Mitt Romney would "put y'all back in chains" during the 2012 campaign.

These "True Republicans" just endorsed a man who fully supports the "Green New Deal."

One last thing. On the same day these "True Republicans" endorsed life-long Democrat Joe Biden, a proposed Biden "Dream Cabinet" was trending on Twitter:

Yup, these "True Republicans" just endorsed Vice President Stacy Abrams, Treasury Sec. Warren, Sec. Health/Human Serv. Sanders, Attorney General Harris, Sec. of Labor Yang, Sec. of Defense Buttigieg and
Sec. of State Klobuchar. Or, something like that.

Still, think they're the ones with the "True Conservative Principles"?


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