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Will Palm Beach Teacher’s 4th Serious Arrest Finally Result in Her Firing?

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What does it take to get a teacher fired in the Palm Beach County school district?

Consider the case of Palm Beach County school teacher Mary Maloney, who has been arrested at least four times on a variety of charges, including drunk driving and battery.


Her latest arrest earlier this month – her second for alleged drunk driving - included an allegation that she offered the officer a sex act in exchange for letting her go. At the scene, she refused to undergo a sobriety test, so she was charged, according to WPBF.

In offering the sex act, Maloney allegedly told the officers, “How much do I need to pay you to just let me go? Don’t you understand that I am a school teacher?”

School district officials, who refused to appear on camera for the news report, confirmed that Maloney is a 7th grade science teacher.

The news station reports Maloney has been arrested three times before: In 2009 for drunk driving, in 2010 for battery and later than same year for a probation violation.

See WPBF’s report here.

Wait – Palm Beach County Schools has a teacher with a history of battery and drunkenness teaching seventh-graders? Are there no standards?

WPBF reporter Ari Hait said he sent several emails to school district officials asking how Maloney has kept her job through all of that, but they failed to respond.

Will Palm Beach union and school officials once again forgive Maloney’s reported actions?

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