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Far-left social justice teachers never miss an opportunity to push their agenda in the classroom.

As you’ll see in my upcoming book, “Indoctrination: How ‘Useful Idiots’ Are Using Our Schools to Subvert American Exceptionalism,” leftist teachers use moments like the #OccupyWallStreet protests around the country to push their agenda of shifting America leftward away from a free market system.

One such teacher, Bob Peterson, who moonlights as the president of the Milwaukee teachers union, fawned all over a music video produced with footage from the various protests. He called it “a great video rich with teaching possibilities.”

In one part, the camera is panning across pictures of Bush administration officials, to these lyrics:

War mongers only make the war longer More sons and daughters sent on tour for slaughter Pure mongers no conscience – killin’ machines Ten years later and we’re still on the scene Bush passed the hot grenade – now Obama gotta save the day Before we waste away it’s safe to say We need to make a change – celebrate the slain Maybe take the blame and tear down the main frame
It’s called “Occupy Stand Up” by the Royal Kush Band and can be seen here on YouTube.

If Bob Peterson and the other activist teachers have their way, it will soon be a part of your child’s social studies class.

The New York Times has also published a lesson plan [PDF here] for teachers, entitled, “Who Are the 99 percent? Ways to Teach About Occupy Wall Street.” The plan begins:

Overview | Why are protesters occupying Wall Street? What are they protesting, and what are their goals? In this lesson, students are introduced to Occupy Wall Street and then investigate the movement more deeply.

Warm-Up | Provide students with the following six slogans that have been displayed on placards during demonstrations being staged as part of a political movement. (At this point, do not identify the movement; you may also want to obscure the fact that the movement is contemporary.) Invite the class to guess which movement the placards are from.


End the Oligarchy

Human Need Not Corporate Greed

Jobs, Justice and Education

Save the American Dream

We are the 99%

Those purveyors of straight journalism at the New York Times – they’re so helpful in providing materials so students can “learn” about what’s behind #OccupyWallStreet.

Teachers unions have been central to the vitality of the #OccupyWallStreet protests. That’s true in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland and elsewhere around the country. Now their most hardcore activists are working to bring it into taxpayer-funded classrooms.

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