Teachers Union Prez Heads to Egypt: Should Obama Be Worried?

Posted: Jul 02, 2011 12:01 AM
American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten recently led a delegation of union representatives to Cairo, Egypt to meet with "leaders of Egyptian unions that were instrumental in the recent political and governmental changes there," according to a news release issued by the union.

Whoa. Are public sector unions planning a similar “regime change” here in America?

If not, why would Weingarten be cavorting in the Middle East at a time when American public schools are seeing massive dropout rates, budget reductions and reforms that strike at the base of union power?

Details are scant regarding Weingarten's trip or agenda. The union didn’t identify her traveling companions, the Egyptian unions they met with, or what action plan may have been devised.

Meanwhile, Weingarten hailed the launch of a global "Quality Public Services Campaign."

It would be wise for the union to focus on "quality public services" at home because in far too many communities in America, they stink. And Weingarten's union bears much of the blame for the lack of quality, at least in public school classrooms.

As for her travels in Egypt, it would be interesting to know exactly what she has up her sleeve. Why does she want to learn more about the successful overthrow of the former Egyptian government? Is she targeting the Obama regime, or taxpayers who in Weingarten’s view are not coughing up enough for public education and school employees?