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One of the most powerful tactics in the left’s arsenal is leveraging the reluctance of conservatives to accept that the foundational reality of our society has changed. We are not a free country in the sense we were just a decade ago – hell, the Durham Report just showed our ruling caste collectively framing a president they disliked and we all know there will be zero consequences. But part of the reason is human nature. The left exploits our normalcy bias, the tendency to assume that things right now are the same as they have always been. Yet, this is not normal. This whole political/cultural morass that America has fallen into is the opposite of normal. And some of us just can’t handle the truth


They will not accept that this is not the society we grew up in. Hell, it’s not even the society our kids grew up in. It is something wholly other, a society where the norms and rules and guidelines that we thought existed, and that had existed right up until the left took over all of the institutions, no longer exist at all. And the fact is that many conservatives refuse to acknowledge the obvious, because to acknowledge it will require them to take action – radical action, like what Ron DeSantis is doing in Florida to the howling horror of the commies. 

This normalcy bias, the assumption that things still work as they used to, is what allows the left to get away with its shenanigans. But nothing works like it used to. It is beyond reasonable argument that the left has infiltrated almost all of our major institutions. Like a virus infecting a healthy cell, leftism takes over our institutions and uses the institutions’ structure to manufacture even more leftism, and that spawn goes and infects more institutions. It has taken over Hollywood, the colleges, the big corporations, and much of the government. It’s got the military, the NFL and, of course, the regime media. The left has shamelessly politicized every single one of them. They now focus not just on their jobs, but on pumping out more leftism. Yet all these institutions still demand the respect that they had back when they were non-political and were dedicated to their actual purposes. The military was about fighting our enemies. The justice system was about prosecuting criminals. The NFL was about football. The beer companies were about providing refreshment to dudes who did not pretend to be chicks. 


But none of that is true now. The purpose of every one of these political institutions is now to promote leftism and all its attendant social pathologies, yet they still demand the respect and deference and obedience that they were getting back when they were actually doing their jobs. It’s all a lie. It’s all a scam. These are not the institutions that were once, if not respected, at least tolerated. They are something completely different, but they exploit that habitual, residual respect and, unfortunately, far too many conservatives still give it to them by default.

Conservatives are conservative by nature. They don’t like change in the sense that they prefer the traditional ways of doing things, though a real conservative today must demand change – change back. Conservatives understand that the traditions of freedom and liberty and limited government are the basis of a free society. And the institutions used to be part of that. They used to be essential elements of that, but they aren’t anymore. They are an enemy of freedom and liberty and limited government. It’s just hard for some conservatives, and you know the squishy type, to wrap their collective head around that reality. 

That’s why you get people when you're on the right who see something like the hero Marine subduing the lunatic mutant on the subway, and they immediately assert that we should somehow wait until the justice system grinds the hero into dust before we actually take a stand for him. “What, are we just going to assume any blue state judicial process is unjust?” Yes! Because they are – from framing an ex-president to ridiculous civil suits to this self-defense abomination to the systematic refusal to persecute actual criminals, do you need any more evidence that the justice system in NYC is totally broken? So why the hell should we give it any deference? Get it through your heads. There is no justice system. The justice system is a joke. It’s a clown show. No, strike that – clown shows are funny. This is horrifying, the persecution of American citizens for exercising their God-given rights to dissent or to protect themselves and others. Wake the hell up and smell the stench of weed and Soros Marxism.


So, if we admit the obvious the institutions will collapse? Dude, they’ve already collapsed. They are rubble. And we should stop pretending that they are anything else. These cons are like a drunk who won’t admit that he’s a drunk. You can’t get better if you don’t honestly admit there’s a problem, but these conservatives don’t want to be honest because if they were honest, that would compel action and action is not what they want. Action is hard and dangerous and ugly, and they don’t want to get their soft little hands dirty. 

Well, sorry to tell you guys, but my Kelly Turnbull books have already come true, which many people are capable of admitting. This country is splitting apart into functioning red regions and fascist blue chaos pits. It’s not a national divorce. It’s a national separation, and it’s underway. Do you know who’s moving out of California? It’s all my conservative friends, not the damn leftists. My rich leftist friends are perfectly happy in their blue feudal societies, and the poor Democrat serfs don’t have any money to hire an eastbound U-Haul.

We have got to wake up and look at the world as it is. We have a normalcy bias, and that’s got to get fixed. This is abnormal. This is not right. And we totally need to admit that to ourselves, because it can’t get any better until we do.


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