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It seems like the most racially diverse ideological concept out there is “white supremacy.” Talk about equal opportunity! Anybody can be a white supremacist these days – it doesn’t depend on his/her/xir color, ethnicity, being a Romney, or anything except what is useful to the left at any given moment. And it would be hilarious – it actually is kind of hilarious – if it wasn’t just the latest example of the pinkos’ rhetorical warfare being waged using the English language against normal people. These creeps know that if words don’t mean what they actually mean, they can mean anything. They are weaponizing language to make you into a serf, but you can stop it by refusing to play along.


The scuzz in Allen, Texas, was “Latinx,” whatever the hell that dumb non-word invented by commie morons means. We are informed by the people keeping that Nashville trans creature’s manifesto under wraps that she was supposedly a “white supremacist,” which is a bit confusing if you demand coherence and consistency. One day, “Latino” is a separate race but the next day it is a mere adjunct of people of pallor, who are the designated villains in this twisted morality play. And, of course, “racism” is bad, unless it’s against white people – again, a group that includes whoever the left needs to demonize today regardless of skin tone. “White supremacy” itself is an elastic concept that includes all forms of perfidy, including such monstrous attributes as “the belief that traditional standards and values are objective and unbiased; the emphasis on a sense of urgency and quantity over quality, which can be summarized by the phrase ‘the ends justify the means’; perfectionism that leaves little room for mistakes; and binary thinking.” 

Sheesh. This jargon is absolutely meaningless. Everything that comes out of the left’s collective collectivist mouth is meaningless. And it is meant to be. It is all a weapon to oppress you, to create a rhetorical kill zone where everything you do or do not do is wrong and where you must submit to get temporary grace before the next round of linguistic abuse sends you begging for forgiveness again.

Racism used to mean the idea that some races are superior, and that some races are inferior, and decent people agreed this was wrong. That made it a useful tool to be exploited by evil people who seek power for themselves. No one wants to be morally wrong. But then the left decided to change the meaning of “racism” to, generally, everything that is bad. If they didn’t like you, you were a “racist” regardless of what you actually thought of other races. And some racism was more equal than others – in practice on college campuses and in the regime media, racism against white people did not seem to be bad. After a while normal people noticed this trick and so the left has tried to change the definition of “racism.” If you look at the DEI idiots, they will insist that “racism” has a new component, power, which white people, allegedly wield (that’s news to a lot of white people, but whatever), and this alleged power imbalance disqualifies them from the moral prohibition on racism. In other words, select racism now not only is OK, but to be against racism requires racism. The ridiculous Ibram X. Kendi says it outright in his stupid book How to Be an Antiracist (2019) at page 19: “The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.” 


Hard pass. We’re not doing this.

Americans are delightfully naïve – the majority of them seem to believe that when somebody says something to them, that person is being sincere. But there has been a rise of welcome cynicism when the left talks about “racism” or “white supremacy.” People see and understand that the left is never being sincere, and that it is always lying to us. That is why the left deliberately missuses words and changes their meaning like leftists change their genders. And this leads us to another of these rhetorical ploys, “gender affirming care.” When one of these people tells you they want children to have “gender affirming care,” what they mean is that they want to slice off penises or breasts, to carve kids up into some horrifying, mutilated satire of the opposite sex.

These people are evil.

The wise American understands this now and understands that everything the left says is a lie and a scam. Communists’ words mean nothing. One day, they scream about democracy, and the next day they scream about taking away your right to speak freely, and seek to disenfranchise normal people from exercising any kind of self-governance. Orwell understood this, but even he would be impressed by the sheer shamelessness of it today.

What’s the solution? Stop caring about what they say. Don’t give a damn. When they call you a “white supremacist,” and they will, your proper response is to laugh at them. It’s not a moral indictment; it’s a puny grift designed to leverage your decency into convincing you to give up your power. They will call you a racist and your proper responses is to mock them. Remember, everything they say is a lie. Everything they say is a scam. Everything they say to you is designed to take your freedom, money, and dignity. And the only proper response is profanity.


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