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Welcome to what has the potential to be my shortest column ever. I could live up to this title by submitting ten column inches of white space. Ronna is that bad, and a lesser attorney – which is pretty much all of them on Twitter – might shy away from the awesome challenge of making a case for why someone who has never won a federal election cycle and who 98% of GOP voters want going should get re-elected as the Chair of the Republican National Committee. But not me.


Here goes.

On January 27th, Ronna McDaniel should be re-elected by the 168 Republican National Committee members (three per state and territory) because…




Okay, this is hard.

Now, I have close friends who support Ronna because they legit think she is the best choice to head the party. They honestly believe she is the one to lead us into 2024. I disagree based on her track record of total failure. 

Five rounds of elections – three cycles and two Georgia primaries – and not a win among them. Statistically, in a two-party system, she should have got a couple of first-place ribbons purely through luck. But she has not. She has done worse than mere chance. Being so bad at her job that she defies the laws of probability is not an argument in her favor.

Some might argue that she is due for a win. After five losses, she’s had a chance to learn from her mistakes and will do better if we give her a sixth chance not to blow it. But I would prefer someone who learns from her first defeat. Or second Or third. Or fourth. If you are on loss Numero Five-o, it’s hard to tell whether you are just really bad or intentionally assisting the Democrats.

I want to be clear that I do not think Ronna McDaniel is intentionally assisting the Democrats via her job performance as GOP Chair. I think Ronna McDaniel is unintentionally assisting the Democrats via her job performance as GOP Chair. If she was not helping the Dems, if she was a coolly effective operator who left crushed pinkos and crying commies in her wake instead of the likes of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi looking at each other on election night and bursting into laughter, do you think the regime media would be so eagerly peddling her narrative that this is a done deal? No. They would be shouting about her racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other secular sins. Ask yourself – have you seen a single regime media hit piece on her about her racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other secular sins? Has a single regime media outlet crucified her over the shady political grifting that has been going on within the GOP during her reign of error? Did any of them pick up RedState editor Jenn van Laar’s thread regarding the mystery $81 million expenditure? If they saw an effective Republican jaywalking the whole Action News team would be staking out his condo, yet not a word about Ronna’s problems…



Because they want her to win.

Why do they want her to win?

Because she loses.

She loses all the time.

Now, Erick Erickson was originally calling for Ronna McDaniel’s ouster – good – but then he had a change of heart after speaking to several elected officials who supported Ronna. It’s fine to change your mind if you are wrong and receive new information but here’s the thing – it’s not the people who won that count. It’s the ones who should have won but did not because the RNC did not get it done. That’s why we are one seat behind in the Senate. That’s why we are just five seats up in the house – and one is the amazing George Santos. It’s not enough that a few Republicans got elected. It’s that not enough did, and so we are not in power.

Erickson – a recovered lawyer – goes on to argue that it is not even Ronna’s job to win elections. Then what is her job? What good is she? Organizing the RNC, collecting donations, messaging – those are not her job. Those are tasks that, if performed effectively, allow her to perform her job. And that job can only be one thing – winning elections.

If not to win elections, what is the purpose of the RNC? To meet up at the Waldorf Astoria in Dana Point, California, and party down? Waldorf Astoria – nice digs. Where would they have met if they had won in the 2022 midterm and Georgia the run-off? Versailles? 

She’s tone-deaf to boot!

Let’s have some real talk. There is no case for Ronna McDaniel getting another term. She did not get it done in her three chances to date, and there is no indication she will start getting it done in the future. Maybe she’s a nice lady. Maybe not. I don’t care. Nor should you. More importantly, the 168 committee members who will cast their secret ballot on 1/27 should not care either. They should elect Harmeet Dhillon (You can help lobby your state GOP reps at There’s just no case for Ronna McDaniel. You do not have to dig into the party’s financial shenanigans. You need not ask how the RNC has botched the lawfare piece again and again. You do not even have to point out how she is a huge middle finger to the very people we need to get out there and do the actual hard work of a political party.


All you have to do is ask one question… 

Does Ronna win?


She loses.

She always loses. 

I’m a pretty good attorney – trust me, no one wants a modest trial lawyer – but there’s no jury in the world that I could convince that Ronna McDaniel has earned another term. 

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