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Delusion December

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What’s less ridiculous – believing in Santa or that the GOP has a chance in hell of nominating Chris Sununu or Larry Hogan in 2024? Hint: Ho ho ho.

The fight to dislodge Ronna McDaniel from her sinecure as the O-5 loser heard of the Republican National Committee is gaining ground. We have made the case that she needs to go. Now, we need your to help make sure the 168 people of the Republican National Committee get to vote to hear (nicely) from you.

Also, I divulge the family spaghetti recipe. Maybe I did it before too, but it’s worth doing again.

These Fringe GOP Candidates Are Kooks

The last month of the year is the time for yuletide cheer, tax loss stock sales, and insane fringe trying to get traction in the GOP nomination race. I wrote about these kooks a bit couple of months ago, but they are not listening to reason. Instead, they are listening to their egos. Their egos are setting them up for humiliation.

Larry Hogan is leaving his job as Maryland governor soon and is already putting ads out touting…what? Have you ever heard of this guy? No, because you don’t watch network Sunday morning shows where they have on a pseudo-Republican to trash the Republicans who do Republican stuff. We got Chris Christie already dominating the squishy hefty guy lane – where the hell does this lummox fit in? He doesn’t, but the call of the ego is strong.

And Chris Sununu, the New Hampshire governor, is making his play, He just went on Hugh Hewitt to announce how he is pro-choice and sad about Dobbs. He added that he doesn’t think Republicans are all that concerned about judges and social issues. Oh, he also nibbled at DeSantis’s ankles about how Heavy D is too mean to corporations and how he should allow corporations to crew us because of Muh principles. You know, I talk to a lot of Republicans and remarkably few want a president to oversee our total defeat by woke communists in the culture wars. I guess now we know that you can get drunk off maple syrup.

And Asa Hutchinson is still making an Asa of himself thinking America is yearning for his brand of southern-fried submission.

Look, it's DeSantis or Trump. There are some mid-tier guys, but these 1% losers are walking, talking punchlines. The Democrats and regime media, to the extent they differ, want them in thinking that they might dilute support for a Republican Republican. And these doofuses are only too willing to go along. It’s embarrassing, and they deserve the humiliation that is coming to them.

Ronna Retirement Update

We have made the case that Ronna must go-nna. There’s no real dispute that she’s a loser and we need new blood heading the party. But while the base is convinced, only the 168 folks of the Republican National Committee vote. Ronna needs 85 votes to win. She used to have it; my sources say she does not have 85 hard yes votes anymore.

We are winning.

But to win, the committee members need to come through, and that’s where you come in. I support Harmeet Dhillon, the super lawyer who promises reforms of the corrupt and ineffectual RNC. If you want to find out how to contact the three committee members in your state or territory, go to to get their email addresses. Let them know, politely and reasonably, what you think – and what your fellow Republicans think.

We can do this. You need to weigh in. This party belongs to you!

Birthday Spaghetti

I turned 58 last Saturday, which is odd considering Wilford Briley was something like 50 when he did Cocoon. I am happy not to resemble the dia-beateez guy. Maybe prior generations looked older because they smoked and drank and we look younger because we don’t. Still thinking about whether that’s a good deal.


I always make spaghetti using my mom’s recipe from her aunt back in Donora, PA, who scandalized the family by marrying an Italian back in the 40s. I don’t know if was a scandal, but my family is pretty vanilla and the scandal bar was super low. I think if one of them had come out as some sort of puppy pervert or another weirdo, the Scot immigrants of my mom’s mom’s generation would have put him down. But I digress. 

Here's the recipe…

Brown a pound of ground beef. Go for 80%, and try to get the good stuff.

Add and brown a chopped onion.

Add some salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, and some crushed garlic. How much? Not too much. It’s not about strict measurements, people.

Add in a 28-ounce can of crushed tomatoes. I will sometimes use the remaining crushed tomatoes my dad took from his gardens and froze. 

Bring to a boil, then let simmer. If you do it the day before you can stick it in the ridge and let the flavors meld.

That’s it. Best spaghetti sauce in the world.

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